Thursday, May 31, 2012

Harvest 2012

Harvest has officially started and has been going on for a little over a week here in Grant County. This is one of my most favorite times of the year. I LOVE going out and watching/riding the combines and enjoying good company with great friends and cold beer! Saturday night we went out and spent the evening with the Blubaughs while they were cutting. Ady hopped in with Chris and Logan and I got in with Brett.
This was my view. Watching the sunset while cutting some wheat! Absolutely beautiful!

Ady and Levi playing!

This was Logan's first time to ride in the combine. He LOVED it. He would try and help Brett stear and say "ohhh" the whole time! We now hear "bine" all the time!!

And just a few minutes later he was out!!

This is what I love about rural living. Watching the sun set while going for a run out in the country. Seeing the wheat wave in the wind and knowing this is how people make a living. I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world.

I'm back!!! Running my first 5k!

Saturday, May 26 Jessi and I ran in our first 5k! It was an amazing experience! The run was the Red Dirt Run of Honor to support the local veterans and help raise money to bring a permanent Vietnam Wall to Woodring. If you know me AT ALL you know how much this means to me and my family. If not then here's why, My grandpa is a Vietnam vet and will always be a Marine! He has many men on that wall and can tell you exactly where each name is and also tell you a story about each and every one of them. That is remarkable in its self! Mike and I have seen the original wall in D.C and the traveling wall made a stop in Enid 2 years ago and we had the oppurtunity to see that with Grandpa. That was one of the most emotional things I have ever done. This wall is a way for Grandpa to be close to his men. I pray that the funds are raised quickly and the wall gets a new home in Enid.

My photos got out of order (maybe because I haven't blogged in ages and I forgot how!!!) Here we are crossing the finish line!! Jessi and Ryan's friend Des ran with us too. Ryan, David, and Reese were there to cheer us on!! We finished 17, 18th, and 19th overall in our age group. 36 minutes was our finishing time!

Dont' we look excited! This was on the final .5 mile! Almost there!

Before the race. I was a little nervous!!

And after! This is an amazing experience! Can't wait to run more!

We plan to run in a 5k every month. They are addicting! We are prepping ourselves for the Color Me Rad run in July. We have some work to do but it's going to be a BLAST!

Friday, September 30, 2011

State Fair 2011

Last Saturday we went to the Oklahoma State Fair with the Royal's. We had a really good time. It was nice to get away from all the homework that has piled up on me and let the kids have a good time. They got to ride alot of rides and had a blast!
These 2 are best friends! Honestly, I don't know how Reese puts up with her bossiness. He's going to make a good husband one of these days!!! :)

Riding one of the kiddie rides.
Riding the motorcycles!

This is in the agtropolis. We have pictures from 2 years ago in this same cut out.
This was a caterpillar roller coaster. Ady and Reese thought it was so fun! At one point we could hear the two of them giggly while the ride was going. I can't believe Ady liked it because it kinda jerked you, but she did! They liked it so much they rode it twice
Another pic of them riding motorcycles.
On the rollercoater!

He's such a ham!
Mike and Ryan won them these blow up bats. They had to be deflated to get home!!
You can probably tell what they are fixing to do!
Yep! You guessed it! Used them as weapons!
Too bad our poor Bo Sox blew a chance at the playoffs this year. :(
Me and my sweet girl riding the ferris wheel. She has wanted to ride a ferris wheel for a long time! Grandma Kim took her about a month ago to a little carnival at the mall in Enid and she was so excited!
Riding the ferris wheel!
Getting their stamps in Agtropolis!

Check out the size of this rabbit! It's huge!

Ady and Logan posing! Logan thought it was hilarious! (dad was tickling him)!
Reese, Ady, and Logan. Just needed Jax!

Getting to pet an alpaca! They are super soft!

Checking out the chickens and roosters!
And the bees!
We even got to see a chick hatching out of its shell! We had a blast this year and hope to make this an annual trip for the kiddos! It did get pretty hot about the time we ate lunch! Go figure!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 7 months Logan!

7 months have already gone by since we met your sweet smiling face Logan Bear! Times are busy and that means they are flying by way too fast. I am already thinking about your first birthday party! You are the funniest little guy! You definitely have a temper and an attitude! You tend to get frustrated easily when you are trying to do something or figure something out and you either fall down or can't figure it out! I think you may have a little competitive bone in ya!! You are never still, constantly moving!

Who doesn't love a baby's hiney!
These pictures aren't the greatest this month. You would not sit still so many of them were blurry! I couldn't even get Ady to take her monthly picture with you. :( Oh well, I guess they can't all be perfect! Next month will be better!! :)
One of your many faces!
We can hardly get you to sit down for anything! You want to be standing all the time! You have stood on your own a few times for a few seconds! You have a lion that Heather and Hadlea brought for you to play with and you will walk/run behind it!
This smile can brighten my day in a heartbeat!
You are super ticklish!
What you are up to:

You are crawling everywhere. And quick

You pull up to everything and walk along it.

You have started eating some 3rd foods.

Right now you are iffy about baby food. You are wanting to just eat a bottle. Momma will win this battle!

You are preferring veggies over fruit right now too!

Wearing 9 months clothes and some 6 months still.

Size 2 diaper.

We are starting to hear 'Da' sound. Maybe DaDa is close?!

You blow raspberries all the time!

Love to eat puffs and little Gerber cheetos. Gave you yogurt melts yesterday and you like them as well. Ady could have eaten a whole bag in minutes if we let her!

You weigh 18 pounds

Are 26 inches long

Had antibiotics for the first time last week. Had a runny nose and it started getting thick and yellow so we went in. Your ears were red so we got antibiotics going because there is a ton of stuff going around right now.

You are in the seperation anxiety stage right now. You usually get better once you start playing.

You still get to spend a few hours with Great Grandma Mary on Tuesday's and Thursday's.

You have tried mashed potatoes and LOVE them!

You are still on formula 100%. Parent's Choice is what has helped you the best with spitting up. So we stuck with it.

You still are not sleeping good at night AT ALL. Many nights you are up every 2 hours. This momma can't take much more of it. I'm hoping and praying that once these teeth finally come through that it will help in this area! Probably not because then you'll start cutting the next ones!

You take 2 naps during the day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

You love to play peek-a-boo and read books. You smile the whole time I am reading!

When Dad is praying at dinner you smile and sometimes laugh!

When Dad gets home from work you get SO excited. If he doesn't pick you right up you usually cry.

You are very sensitive! You are getting into Max's dog food and when we tell you 'NO' and smack your hand you stick out that lip and cry like we beat you!!!

You still love to be outside. It finally cooled down so we've been going out and swinging. You laugh the whole time you are swinging!

You are very curious about everything!!
You have very fat feet!! Shoes are difficult at the moment!
You are drooling quite a bit right now! Can't ya tell! This morning I noticed you have a spot on your bottom gums that is broke open. I can't see the tooth yet but it's coming!
You had your first 'haircut' to cut your bangs! They were in your eyes!

Logan Bear,
These past 7 months have flown by and have been a blast. You are so much different to raise then Ady was/is. You keep me busy and I'm constantly getting you out of something. We love you so much and can't wait to see what your future holds.
Love Momma, Daddy, and Ady Jane

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Lights!

September 2nd (Yes, I'm behind!) was Medford's opening game for the 2011 football season. I was pretty excited. Football is a HUGE deal here. We may not be the best anymore but we still stand behind our team 100%. I love driving downtown and seeing those red and white flags flying on all the lamp posts. If you ever needed to see school spirit you could catch a pretty good idea just by driving through our town! How many towns have their mascot on their water tower! And everything is red and white! This is my absolute favorite time of the year and makes me miss high school! I miss being on the field with the boys and honk lines with the girls! I am beyond grateful that now my kids get to experience their Friday nights under the lights!

We sat with Christy and her adorable kids! Christy has Cash,2, and him and Ady are love birds I'm pretty sure! They are best friends and always have a blast together! Cash has a cousin, Tanner, on the team. Ady thinks HIGHLY of Tanner and was so excited to see him play football!

Cash had his Cardinal helmet on for the game!

This was our view for the night! LOVE IT! ok. I just realized it looks like the Cardinals head fell off! Not sure where his real head is!! Ha

Good Luck Cards!


This was quite comical!!! Love these 3!

They had a blast!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Will it ever slow down?

I do not have enough hours in the day. School work is taking up so much of my time! It will be well worth it when it's all over I just have to get past this part. I've come to realize that updating the blog will not be happening as much as I would like it. It's just not on the top of my priority list.
Logan is changing so much. He's crawling everywhere and even climbing onto things! He has stood by himself a few times but only for a few seconds. I can't even count how many times the words "Where is Logan" are said each day! He is very quick and will go from room to room exploring!

Quite often you can find him here! Standing up in front of the tv watching it or trying to grab something!

Can I help you!

I believe this is the most handsome smile ever!

The best big sister around!
Ady has started back to gymnastics and was so excited! She couldn't wait! She has been put in the class with 5-7 year olds! Over the summer they couldn't believe how much she picked up and how advanced she was for her age! You can tell by the look on her face when she's out there how much fun she's having!
Logan taking his first Cozy Coupe ride!

Logan is teething. Gerber has some toddler cookies that are alot like the teething biscuits that I gave Ady when she was teething. They are just as messy too! They are banana flavor and both Ady and Logan like them so I think they were a hit!

This girl has my heart!

And Logan has found Ady's snack shelf!
You've been caught!