Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy 2 months, Logan!

2 months already! It's gone by so fast! We've had a blast so far! He has gotten so big! Ady was so tiny and stayed little for so long that seeing Logan gain weight like he is just blows my mind! He is such a happy baby. He smiles all the time. Just hearing our voices will make him smile. He is beginning to laugh and it's the cutest thing. Big sister Ady can get the biggest smiles out of him! He loves her so much already! He is such an easy going baby!

At your 6 week checkup Dr said you were doing perfect and not to change a thing!

What Logan is up to:

  • Eating 4 ounces every 2-3 hours.

  • Eating half formula/half breastmilk. Tomorrow will be the last of the breastmilk that we have saved then it'll be all formula

  • Go to bed around 9pm, wake up between 2 and 3am, eat then right back to sleep until 6am, eat again, then right back to sleep until about 9am

  • You try to lift your head up when sitting in your bouncy chair!

  • We put you in your bumbo and you seem to really like it! You can watch Ady better!

  • Still HATE tummy time

  • Have found your hands recently

  • Started to drool

  • Size 1 diapers

  • 0-3 month clothes

  • Bath time is still iffy! Sometimes you like it sometimes you can't wait to be done!

  • You have started to 'Hoot' and it's the cutest thing!

  • You LOVE to be rocked!

  • You got your first set of shots and did great! It scared Ady to hear you cry like that and she wanted to be right up on the table with you.

  • You weighed 12 pounds 5 ounces. You have gained another pound in just 2 weeks!

The sweetest smile!

You have the craziest hair! Everybody comments on it!


We love you so much! You are such a happy baby and bring so much joy to our lives. Your big sister Ady adores you and never wants to be away from you. Just ask Aunt Jessi!! Jax can not wait for you to get a little bigger so he has someone more on his level! Reese always has to know where Logan is! You have the best cousins and we look forward to what you guys have in store for us! You are growing so fast and I can already tell you will be independent just like Ady! Happy 2 months!

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