Thursday, October 21, 2010


The first video is of Jax! We got to keep him for a little bit this afternoon. Yes, he's a very big baby! He'll be 5 months Nov 6 and he weighs 17 pounds 11 ozs!
The 2nd video is of Ady signing "You've got a Friend In Me"
The 3rd video, Ady was making Jax laugh and I tried to catch her but of course she stopped!!

Football, Pumpkins, and Chalk!

Sunday we got up for Sunday School and church. We had a cookout planned for the Dallas game. We watched football all day! It was great! We had lunch ready just before the Dallas game started. The guys grilled out burgers, hotdogs, and Brats. I wanted to get a picture of everybody that had on their Dallas gear. Most everybody here! But it wouldn't have been a very happy looking picture! Our Cowboys are not playing too well, but we are hanging in there! Ady and Reese wanted to go outside and play (I think it may have been WAY to loud inside for them!) so Nana and Jessi went outside with them. Ady wanted to get the chalk out. Aunt Jessi traced Ady and then Ady tried to trace Jessi. Cody came outside and seen what was going on so he decided he needed to be traced!
Here's Cody getting traced!

Then Ryan came out and wanted to get in on all the action!

They had to color it all in!

And here is what Reese was doing while everyone else was coloring with chalk! I'm telling you this boy cracks me up!

Then it was time to carve pumpkins after our Cowboys suffered yet another loss. I think this was just what everyone needed to get out some frustration! Especially Cody!
Ady coloring her pumpkin

Let the carving begin!

This is a tradition that we have done since we were little little. I love that we are now doing it with our kids. You can never be to old to carve a pumpkin and you are creating great memories!

Here's the finished product

Ryan's, Mike's, Nessa's, and Jessi's!
Different angle. You can see Nessa's better here. 3rd one from left! I think they all turned out really good!

Family pics, shopping, and cookout

I'm going to break up the weekend into separate posts. I don't want you to have to much of a picture overload!
Saturday we got up and had family pictures taken here in town. Mom wanted to have pictures done with everybody since Cody will be going back to work here pretty soon. (That will be a seperate post on it's own. I'm gearing up emotionally for that one). After pictures we all went to Caldwell for lunch then us girls headed to Enid to make a Wal-Mart trip. Mike was taking the youth of our church to a youth rally so he left for that and Ryan and Reese stayed home and watched football. It was nice to be able to go just us girls and have some girl time. It was fun!
When we got back from Enid. Cody Joe and Cody Pratt had smoked up a bunch of meat so we went over to the Pratt's for a cookout and a great time. Cody and Jaylynne were in town for the weekend so we spent some time with them. They have moved to Guymon! YAY!!! We are so glad to have them closer than they were! Cody Pratt is a perfect definition of what a friend should be! Cody and Cody have been best friends since they were in the 1st grade I think. When Cody had his accident Cody P drove all the way from the Texas/Mexico border to be with CJ and the family. We are so grateful to Cody and all he's done for CJ. We love him and his family! And Ady thinks they are pretty special too!!!
We ate when we got out there. And it was YUMMY!!! Then we played some horseshoes!

This boy cracks me up!!!

Such a pretty girl!
Ady and Jaylynne!
Saturday was a busy but a great day! I love days like that!!!

Pumpkin Patch

It's been so busy around here that I haven't had a chance to get on here and post the ton of pictures that I have!! It seems like when I have some down time to get on here and blog Ady begs me to play with her in her bedroom, and how can I resist! I've had quite a bit of homework and housework to get done this week.

Friday I had to make a trip to Enid (I don't even remember what in the world for!) Ha! So Jessi met me at the Pumpkin Patch with Reese. I tried to take some pictures of them but all they wanted to do was run around and play with all the little pumpkins! They had a blast! Here are some pictures...

She wasn't too happy about sitting here. Notice the fake smile!

Had to take one in the pumpkin!

She tried so hard to pull this wagon And she finally got it going!
The first of many trying to get them together!

Now Ady's not looking!
Yes, I get this look alot! HA HA! She was a little ticked!

She did NOT want to just sit! She wanted to go run around!

This is what Reese looked like after they got off the hay bales!

Hay bale pics!
My favorite!! They may fight like brother and sister but they really do miss each other!

Fun kiddos!

Reese was in a daze
Love this face!
And this one!

I told you there were alot of pics from that trip! And I remembered what I had to run into Enid for. To get my eye brows waxed! We had family pictures Saturday morning!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homecoming weekend!

There is a new update on Cody's Journey
This weekend was Medford's homecoming. It's a pretty big deal! It's the time of the year that everyone looks forward too and alot of old friends and alumni come home. Friday night was the football game. Mike and I had plans to go but I found a crib, dresser, and hutch on Craigslist for a really really really good price. I was so excited. Mike decided we should head down and pick it up since it was such a good deal and it was a 3 hour drive! We dropped Ady off with Aunt Jessi and Uncle Ryan and we headed South. Adylyn went to the football game with them and we made it home around 11pm. The football game was over at halftime because Medford 45'd Gracemont. According to some of those there it was a pretty sad game. Medford even cheered when they got a 1st down! This is there 1st year to have football, hopefully they'll learn alot! After the game on Friday it is tradition to go to Alma's (local pool hall) and hang out and see everyone. Well since I can't drink and I had just been in the truck for over 6 hours we didn't go uptown. I was hurting pretty bad from the drive.

Saturday morning Mike and Ryan got up and headed out to the golf course to get some holes in before a tournament they had that afternoon. Jessi and I got up and got the kids ready to head uptown to the parade. The parade is also another homecoming tradition. Each jr. high and high school class makes a float and then anyone else who wants to be in it can. It was a beautiful morning to be out!

Reese and Ady ready to watch the parade!
Grant County Sheriff Roland Hula and Medford's Police Chief Roger leading the parade.

The Pride of Medford! The band just isn't the same as when I was in school but I still do appreciate it. There's nothing like going to a football game and hearing the band. It's a pretty awesome thing to grow up with and I can't wait for Adylyn to experience it either! I just love small town pride!!
Tanner is leading the band. Ady was pretty excited to see him!
Homecoming King and Queen!

Going after some candy!
More candy!
This is Medford's new charter bus. I love it! Oh man do I wish we had this when I was in school!! Those long football trips would have been much more enjoyable!!!
The football team on the firetruck.
More Homecoming Royalty.
This year is the Class of 2000's 10 year reunion. One of their classmates, Jesse Frieouf, was killed in a motorcycle/car accident not long after he graduated. This is what Jesse drove, the Bum. Jesse's brother drove it through the parade with some of Jesse's classmates riding in the back. Seeing this brought back so many memories! Jesse was one of a kind but he was the nicest guy and had so much school spirit!! We never laughed so hard when he first came to school with this but this is who he was!! Good to see the ol' Bum out!!!
Reese and Ady enjoying some of their candy!

After the parade Jessi, the kids, and I headed to Enid. I had to find me at least 1 pair of maternity jeans. We had a good day of shopping. I love spending the day with my sister!!
While we were in the mall Ady and Reese had to ride the train!

Sunday we got up and went to Sunday school and church. It was a rainy afternoon and then it got stormy! It was so awesome to have the windows open and hear it thunder and listen to the rain. Jessi and Ryan helped Mike shampoo the carpets right after lunch. They are so good at helping out whenever we ask them. We hurried up before the Dallas game started. I'm not sure why we hurried because I would have rather not watched it! Our Cowboys aren't doing so well. Oh well, I'm not a fair weather fan and will stick behind them until they get all their problems worked out. Bubba came over to watch the game with us and it got pretty loud in here at times!! Around halftime Ady and Reese finally went down for a nap. Reese has been wanting to sleep with one of Ady's babies when he's here. He's so sweet. He wouldn't fall asleep while Jessi was rocking him until he got a baby. Here he is taking a nap with Susie, I believe!

And here is Ady all snuggled with her Baby! Ady loves this shirt. She was so excited to show Bubba her 'camel' shirt! He kept telling her he couldn't see her and she'd yell at him "I'm right here'!!!

It was another great weekend spent with amazing family. I was reminded once again by something that happened to never take anybody for granted. Our family has been taught this but it's so easy to slide back into your old ways. Material possessions don't mean anything when you don't have the ones you love there to share them with. No money in the world could ever compare to my great family and friends. I am in awe everyday at how blessed we continue to be.

Speaking of good friends. Today is one of my very best friends, Heather, birthday. She is an amazing friend, mother, wife, sister, and daughter. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She has always been there for me and I know I can count on her anytime. When Cody's accident happened she was always right there for me to talk to and sent me scriptures at just the right times. She is such a godly woman and will teach her daughter to be the same. I love you Heather and hope you have a great day! Ady says "Happy Birthday Heaver"!!!