Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watching squirrels, Brownies, and Adyisms...

We have many squirrels on our street! It seems like there are many in the tree in our front yard and the tree across the street! Max will sit in front of the door pretty much all day watching the neighborhood and occasionally he'll spot a squirrel and get all excited. Well Ady knows what it means when he gets all excited! So there she goes, running to sit at the door with him watching the squirrels play in the front yard.
It cracks me up seeing them sit there! I had to get a picture! Yesterday we made Chicken Tortilla Soup. After the fact I realized I should have taken pictures and showed you the process. It was really good! Next time I make it I will do show you guys! Ady and I decided we needed to make some brownies! I measured everything out for her and she poured it all in and stirred it all by herself. She loves to be in the kitchen! Every meal she is in there with me, on her stool, asking if she can help!
Our little chef!
She did such a good job by herself!
And here she is enjoying the finished product! This picture makes me smile! She is sitting in the chair we have here for Jax and she sharing it with Woody!
Ady has been saying some really funny things lately. I need to write them down as soon as she says them but Mike and I are just laughing too hard at the moment. Saturday night when we got home from Heather's she was so wound up and wanted to play with Mike all night long! She wanted to play with her blocks. So Mike brought them into the living room so he could build with her and also watch football! Well she immediately dumped the whole thing on the floor! This basket has TONS of blocks in it! The living room floor was covered! We just let her play like that as long as she wanted. She had moved on and wasn't playing with the blocks anymore so we told her it was time to clean up. She looked at me and said "I'm going to sit in time-out, I don't want to clean up my blocks"! WHAT!! You can't put yourself in time-out just because you don't want to clean up your mess! She is very witty! Yes, she has been put in time-out before for not cleaning up her mess. Guess I need to find another route of discipline!
Tonight, Mike was talking to Uncle Nate on the phone. He wanted to talk to Ady. So Ady gets on the phone and they chat for a little bit. Nate tells her that he is going to come up and see her soon. She says back "Umm, I'm cooking supper right now"! Sorry Nate you'll have to wait until Ady is done cooking supper!

These are just a couple of the ones that really made us laugh. I hope you got a good laugh too!

19 Weeks!

Ok I had the intent of doing this every week. I really did! But with homework, housework, Ady, and everything that happens in life I haven't quite made that happen. So I'm gonna shoot for at least once a month! I go to the hospital Wednesday, October 6 for the gender and anatomy scan. We will know the sex of peanut and find out if everything looks good! This will be the first time Mike gets to see the baby also!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 19 Weeks
Size of baby: Peanut is the size of a mango. We don't know exactly how much it weighs yet.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I went to the doctor September 15 and at the appt I had gained a total of 5 pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy. Which I think that's right on track. I'm guessing I'll have gained more at my next appt because I'm starting to get my appetite back.
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing regular t-shirts and sweats. But jeans have to be maternity! And I have to wear the full belly band!
Gender: We find out Wednesday!!! Can't wait!!!
Movement: I'm feeling bumps and thumps when I lay and sit down occasionally! Mike and Ady have gotten to feel the baby kick also! Ady got so excited to first time she felt it! She laughed really hard and loud and said "It's coming out!!"
Sleep: Still not good at all. Some nights I'm up every 30 minutes and some it's a little better at every 2 hours. I'm so tired!
What I miss: Having tons of energy and cleaning my house everyday!!
Cravings: Fruit and big hearty meals!
Symptons: I'm starting to feel a lot better. I'm just EXHAUSTED. I still have the occasional nausea and upset stomach but it's much better.
Best Moment this week: Feeling the baby move and Ady and Mike getting to feel it also!

I do not have a picture to put up this week. I always forget to have Mike take a picture of me. I'll have some next week though! Promise!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun with the Huskey's!

We had a GREAT weekend! Well Ady and I did!! Friday we got up and got around and ready to head to Glenpool to spend some time with the Huskey's, you can find them here. It had been a while since Heather and I had spent some time together longer than an hour! And we really wanted to get the girls together. I was so excited to get to go hang out with the girls! We had some fun things planned! When we got there we headed to the aquarium. I've never been and have been wanting to go. I knew Adylyn would love it because she gets to look at animals! She loved it! Well except for the turtles! This girl has a phobia of turtles!! I don't know why or what has happened but she gets really scared and nervous around them. It's funny but I'd really like to know what makes her not like them! After the aquarium we headed back to Heather and Justin's and picked Justin up for dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse! I have been craving it for a while and who doesn't love there rolls! After dinner we headed back to Heather and Justin's and let the girls play! Heather and I got some catching up done too!

Saturday we had a big day planned. We were heading to the Tulsa zoo! We got up and got ready and headed to McDonald's for breakfast. It was a beautiful morning to be at the zoo! The weather was perfect! All Ady could talk about was seeing the monkeys and the giraffe's! Thank goodness they had both! The animals were all out and enjoying the weather as well. The girls seemed to have a great time! Ady loves animals so the zoo is always a win/win situation! I think this pregnant Momma walked to much because I was hurting in places I didn't know could hurt! But it was worth it!

Adylyn Jane and Hadlea Easton ready to hit the zoo!
I think Ady is telling her she doesn't need her binky (she's gonna be a great big sister) LOL!

She's telling us this bear looks like Max!
Taking a break for pics!

I love this picture!!

This may have been the picture right before the disaster! I'm sure Heather will write about it!
Riding the carousel! She picked the giraffe!
Having fun with Little Miss!

Petting a goat! She was cracking up because the goat has a major underbite and she thought he was smiling and showing his teeth!

Seeing her beloved giraffe! This is as close as we got to it. It never moved from that fence.

Checking out the Zebras.
She was cracking us up! She was saying " Come one Zebra, come here. Jump over those rocks"!!
Watching the elephants.

It got kinda hot around 1 or 2 though! We left the zoo and Heather took me to Merritt's Bakery! Oh My Goodness!! All I can say is it's a good thing there isn't one of those closer to Medford! That is definitely my weakness! Their sugar cookies were amazing, there cupcakes we so moist, and there doughnuts were yummy! Ady got the M&M cookie and she loved it as well! Yes we got all that in one trip! After Merritt's we headed back to the house. Justin and Heather were going to go to the Tulsa game so Ady and I decided to head on home and spend some time with Dad and Max! We got home in time to see some of the OU game and eat dinner. Adylyn was so wound up when we got home (it couldn't have been all the sugar)! She talked non-stop to Mike about her weekend!

Sunday we got up to get ready for church and I was not feeling so well. I was really nauseated and even spent some time in the bathroom. So we decided to stay home from church. It was a lazy day of football and naps! Our Cowboys won!!!! YAY!!!!! We went to Nana's in the evening and had some lasagna. Nana's lasagna is sooo good! Today I am getting caught up on a little homework and enjoying the beautiful weather with our windows open and A/C off!! Yay for Fall weather!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our weekend...

Thursday Ady and I got to go to Enid and hang out with Brinley B for the day. We were SOO excited to go and spend the day with her. Ady just loves her to pieces and she is at the really fun stage! We had a really good time and already miss her tons!

Doesn't she just have the cutest smile!
Adylyn and Miss B! Adylyn loves to help take care of her. She loves to get on the floor and talk to her and play with her toys. I hope they grow up to be best friends!

Friday I did a little bit of homework and did some housework. Being on my feet for any periods of time really hurts my lower back and butt. I feel pain that I didn't feel when I was pregnant with Ady. This baby is definitely lower and is pushing on different things. So it took me pretty much all day to dust, clean my countertops and pick everything up. We went to Nana's after she got home from work because she was watching Jax. We went over and played for a little bit. We were going to go to the football game but Ady and I have both been fighting either allergies or a cold since Sunday. I couldn't breathe very well out of my nose and just didn't feel like sitting out there and blowing our noses the whole time! Heather and Hadlea were in town so we went over and saw them for a little bit after the football game.

Saturday Mike headed to the farm to mow pasture for Grandpa George. So now we are all suffering from these horrible allergies! Ady and I walked to Nana's and played some more with Jax. Ady took a nap and after her nap Nana took her to the farm to see the cows! Ady and I pretty much played around and watched football all day. Great day for me! Saturday evening I decided to try and finish some housework. I got the floors vacuumed, swept, and mopped. Which is ALOT for me to do in one evening!

Sunday we got up for Sunday school and church. It was Cowboy Sunday! We had doughnuts before Sunday school and then a potluck after church! We all wore our Cowboy boots! Ryan, Jessi, and Reese came to church and hung out afterwards and watched football.

Today, I'm doing a little bit of homework before I have a test this evening. Ady is still really congested and her eyes are turning pink so she's got an appt for the morning to see a dr. Hopefully they can get her something to help her feel better. Her poor nose is getting sore from blowing it so much!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

We had a great weekend! Friday my Grandma Mary came over and we got Ady's curtains finished. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for all my grandparents. We are so blessed that Adylyn gets to enjoy them just as much as we did growing up. All of my grandparents were very active in our lives and my best childhood memories have each of them in it. My Gma Mary has always had huge gardens! I can remember going and staying with her and that's the first thing we did in the mornings, go pick fresh produce from the garden. She still gardens and still cans. Friday she brought over some Blackberry jam, Plum Jam, Apple Butter, and pickeled okra. All my favorites!!!! I know I can buy these in grocery stores any time I want to but there just nothing like GMa's!!!

Just about the time we were finishing up the curtains Mike was getting home from work. We decided to go to Enid and stay at Jessi and Ryan's for the night because Mike and Ryan were golfing in a tournament Saturday morning. I didn't want to take 2 vehicles into Enid since we had the wedding and I also didn't want to get up super early!

Saturday morning Jessi and I got up and got ourselves and the kids ready and went and ran some errands. I intended to get the finishing things I needed for Ady's room at Lowe's but Jessi and I decided to go to Ross and shop instead! We were only able to hit a few stores before we headed back to Jessi's to lay Ady and Reese down for a nap (much needed) and get ready before the wedding. The wedding was out at Indian Creek Winery. It was beautiful! I guess I should tell you who got married! Justin Blubaugh and LaTisha Johnson. We are really good famiy friends with the Blubaughs and Tisha was a year older than me in high school. They have been dating for what seems like forever! Ady loves the Blubaugh boys and loves to go out to the farm!

The reception was in Medford and it was really nice as well! Heather and Hadlea came to the reception. Ady was so excited to get to see Hadlea! She loves this little girl! Heather is one of my best friends so I was glad to see them as well. We got a little bit of catching up done!

Here is Hadlea and Adylyn!
Adylyn, me, Heather, and Hadlea. I miss her so much. Can't wait to spend a few days with them in a couple of weeks.

And here's where the FUN begins! Reese was watching WAY to closely when it came to everybody filling up there drinks at the kegs! He actually walked over there and got a cup off the table, went to the keg and was trying to figure out how to get his 'juice' in the cup!!! We laughed so hard at him!

Here he is taking a drink!

He had to stop and watch the band!

Bubba dancing!
Jessi, Jax, Cody, and Reese. I love this picture! I will never again take for granted how close I am to these 2 and how much I love them.

Jessi and Jax!
The Royals! Ryan, Jessi, and Reese.
Jessi and Ryan!

And this is why we love Ryan so much!
The kids had a blast dancing! They lasted so much longer than I thought they would!
Levi (Brett and Melissa Blubaugh's little boy) and Reese having a blast!
Bubba and Reese

Uncle Ryan and Jax!
Adylyn and Levi. They danced together forever! I think something may have started this night. Brett and his family are still in town and Ady is loving going over and playing with Levi! I'm not so sure how Mike is taking this though! Ha Ha!
Ady, Levi, and Reese!
I hope he knows what he's getting into! She's pretty bossy!
Having a blast!
I think now he's setting her straight!

Nana, Ady, Levi, and Jonni.
The Hubby and I!
Jessi and I!
Reese and Ady running around like crazy kids!
I'm pretty sure Reese is trying to get Ady to stay and dance and Nana is being the referee!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I'm Loving...

What I'm Loving... I'm absolutely loving this cooler weather.

The rainfall

That Mike was off work for 4 days and got to spend some much needed time with his girls!

Adylyn's bedroom is just 2 shakes from being finished!

I get to eat wedding cake this weekend and see many friends that I haven't seen in a while!!

I am finally starting to feel better

I found a GREAT deal on a crib and changing table!

My adorbale nephews!

I get to see Heather and Hadlea in a few weeks! I miss them so much!

Adylyn is sleeping in her OWN bed ALL night long with NO accidents! If we would have known that all it took was to get her a new bed and bedding then we would have done it a LONG time ago!!!

That football season has officially started and baseball playoffs will be starting soon!

Big Brother!

Adylyn has started talking to Peanut!

Ady and I read at least 5 or 6 books a day

The show Swamp People on History Channel!

Sweet Tarts (not the small ones, but the big round ones that have 4 in a package).



And my sweet family!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What we've been doing this week...

First off I CAN NOT believe it is already September! This year has flown by! I love this time of the year! There is so much to do outside and I can't wait to get over and see the horses since it's cooled off. I'm ready to drink apple cider and hot chocolate and snuggle in my sweats and sweatshirts (Lord knows that's all I'm going to be wearing this winter HA HA). Adylyn's birthday is fast approaching and so is Christmas. But the one thing that I am VERY excited for is FOOTBALL!!!! I CANNOT wait to spend our Sunday's after church watching NFL and Saturday's watching college ball. I'm a sports nut and can't wait to watch them Cowboys (Dallas that is!) I hope they play better than preseason has gone!

This week has been kinda slow! I have had alot of homework to catch up on so Ady and I haven't really done much. I have also been fighting really bad headaches. I've tried EVERYTHING to figure out what's causing them. Can't find the culprit. I hate to take medicine while I'm pregnant but it does help so I only take it when I absolutely can't take these headaches anymore.

Wednesday nights Mike golfs so Ady and I were on our own for dinner. We decided to make a salad. Ady can stand at the counter for hours with a butter knife, cutting board and something to cut up! She loves to be in the kitchen! She's such a great help! And since I've been the one in the kitchen with her she's very clean about her business!! Proud of her work!
Ok. So I gotta tell you about Max lately. He has always been a very clingy dog. I know he's a 100+ Rottweiler but I really believe that he thinks he's either still a puppy or only weighs 10 pounds. The last couple of weeks he has been by my side or even on my side! I don't know if it's my hormones or what but he senses something. I have heard a couple stories of animals that sense when something is wrong and lay by there owners side. Max has been sleeping right next to me at night and during the day follows me EVERYWHERE!!! He even goes to the bathroom with me and lays by the toilet! I love him to death. He was our first child! But I'm getting tired of stepping over him ALL the time.

Here's Ady giving Max a treat to get him out from underneath me so I can get breakfast going.
He's such a sweet dog!

And here is what we've been doing this week. Ady found the box to her pop out tunnel and it has a tent with it. I've never put the tent up because I didn't want to mess with it really! But she asked me if I would get it out for her so I figured since I had so much homework that it would be a GREAT idea and give her something to do while I was working. She has napped in there and played with her babies and even eaten her snacks. She loves it!

Peeking out!
This is what our living room looks like right now! It's a mess! This would have bothered me a couple of years ago. But I've learned to just let her make her messes and make her clean it up at the end of the day! Saves so many arguments and I don't have the energy right now to be constantly cleaning up after her. But she's very good about cleaning up her toys.

Notice the HUGE pile of babies and baby accessories! Apparently they all needed to experience the tent!
Here she is eating some grapes before she takes a nap!

We hope you all have a great weekend and a safe one. We don't have any plans and I'm loving it! Adylyn's room will be finished this weekend so be on the lookout to see the transformation process! I hope she likes it as much as I think I'm going to! Be safe and be blessed!