Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

We had a great weekend! Friday my Grandma Mary came over and we got Ady's curtains finished. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for all my grandparents. We are so blessed that Adylyn gets to enjoy them just as much as we did growing up. All of my grandparents were very active in our lives and my best childhood memories have each of them in it. My Gma Mary has always had huge gardens! I can remember going and staying with her and that's the first thing we did in the mornings, go pick fresh produce from the garden. She still gardens and still cans. Friday she brought over some Blackberry jam, Plum Jam, Apple Butter, and pickeled okra. All my favorites!!!! I know I can buy these in grocery stores any time I want to but there just nothing like GMa's!!!

Just about the time we were finishing up the curtains Mike was getting home from work. We decided to go to Enid and stay at Jessi and Ryan's for the night because Mike and Ryan were golfing in a tournament Saturday morning. I didn't want to take 2 vehicles into Enid since we had the wedding and I also didn't want to get up super early!

Saturday morning Jessi and I got up and got ourselves and the kids ready and went and ran some errands. I intended to get the finishing things I needed for Ady's room at Lowe's but Jessi and I decided to go to Ross and shop instead! We were only able to hit a few stores before we headed back to Jessi's to lay Ady and Reese down for a nap (much needed) and get ready before the wedding. The wedding was out at Indian Creek Winery. It was beautiful! I guess I should tell you who got married! Justin Blubaugh and LaTisha Johnson. We are really good famiy friends with the Blubaughs and Tisha was a year older than me in high school. They have been dating for what seems like forever! Ady loves the Blubaugh boys and loves to go out to the farm!

The reception was in Medford and it was really nice as well! Heather and Hadlea came to the reception. Ady was so excited to get to see Hadlea! She loves this little girl! Heather is one of my best friends so I was glad to see them as well. We got a little bit of catching up done!

Here is Hadlea and Adylyn!
Adylyn, me, Heather, and Hadlea. I miss her so much. Can't wait to spend a few days with them in a couple of weeks.

And here's where the FUN begins! Reese was watching WAY to closely when it came to everybody filling up there drinks at the kegs! He actually walked over there and got a cup off the table, went to the keg and was trying to figure out how to get his 'juice' in the cup!!! We laughed so hard at him!

Here he is taking a drink!

He had to stop and watch the band!

Bubba dancing!
Jessi, Jax, Cody, and Reese. I love this picture! I will never again take for granted how close I am to these 2 and how much I love them.

Jessi and Jax!
The Royals! Ryan, Jessi, and Reese.
Jessi and Ryan!

And this is why we love Ryan so much!
The kids had a blast dancing! They lasted so much longer than I thought they would!
Levi (Brett and Melissa Blubaugh's little boy) and Reese having a blast!
Bubba and Reese

Uncle Ryan and Jax!
Adylyn and Levi. They danced together forever! I think something may have started this night. Brett and his family are still in town and Ady is loving going over and playing with Levi! I'm not so sure how Mike is taking this though! Ha Ha!
Ady, Levi, and Reese!
I hope he knows what he's getting into! She's pretty bossy!
Having a blast!
I think now he's setting her straight!

Nana, Ady, Levi, and Jonni.
The Hubby and I!
Jessi and I!
Reese and Ady running around like crazy kids!
I'm pretty sure Reese is trying to get Ady to stay and dance and Nana is being the referee!

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