Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas with the Hammons!

Thursday morning I had a dentist appt (I'll try to remember to write about that at the end, it was interesting). When I got back home from the dentist Ady and Dad already had the car loaded up and we headed for Fort Cobb to spend the weekend with Mike's family. We didn't come down here the weekend of Christmas. It's such a long drive and we didn't want to drive all that way there and back only to spend one day with them. So we decided to wait to be able to spend more time with them. Mike had Thursday and Friday off so we will be staying until Sunday.
When we got to Fort Cobb Mike and Nate went out to the golf course to get a round of golf in since it was so nice. After they got back it was time to open presents! Ady could not wait!

Haley and Pa watching Ady I'm sure!
Ady checking out what Pa got for Christmas

She couldn't wait to open her huge present. She was so excited that it was taller than her.

What is it!?

Pa I need some help!

It's some golf clubs!!! She is so excited to have her own set of clubs now! She loves to go out to the golf course with her Dad. Now she can actually do something besides ride along!

Hopefully this will pay for college!!! Ha! Although we have a feeling she will get just as much academic help!

Let's try them out!

Pa told her there was something in the pocket. It was some practice balls.

We had to remind her that there were other presents to open.

Dress up clothes! She's got plenty of dress up stuff now. I know one thing we will be in the next few weeks!

We had to put a trash bag beside her because she didn't like throwing the paper on the floor!

opening more....

She unwrapped this box and goes "it's waffles!!"

Clothes from Addee and Alesha! We needed these!

Ady and her Pa! I feel bad sometimes because she doesn't get to spend alot of time with them but when we do come down she makes up for the lost time! She doesn't leave their sides!

Ady and her look!

Santa brought Haley and Danielle a pool table! So after presents it was time to play pool! Nate trying to run the table!

Danielle showing her skills!

Mike's shot!

Haley's turn!

I think Mike and Nate were making fun of Danielle!

We were up late Thursday catching up and playing pool. We are having a blast down here and it's nice to be able to relax and not have anything to worry about!

My dentist appt....

I am now 33 weeks pregnant. I have had this dentist appt for the last 6 months. I went ahead and kept it because I have been feeling good. I knew all they would be doing is cleaning my teeth. Well apparently the hygenist that I got must not remember the protocols for pregnant women. She laid me back, way back! I felt ok for a few minutes while she starting working on me and then all of a sudden I got really hot and felt like my arms were floating. I knew I was about to pass out! So I told her I needed to sit up and get a drink of water. After a few minutes I felt better and told her I couldn't lay on my back like that. So she finished with me sitting up a little bit. I've always been told and read in books and magazines that pregnant woman are not to lay on their backs. Well this is why! There is a major blood vessel that the baby lays on and you will pass out!!! I was really tired and worn out the rest of the day. But am better now!

I hope everyone had a wonderful new years! We did! I post our Friday later! Have a great day and cheer on those Sooners!!\

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What we've been doing!

We have been very busy since Christmas! Ady got lots of games so of course I think we had to play each one on Christmas! After opening gifts at Nana's and eating breakfast we came back home and it was play time.
Ady and Dad playing Don't Spill the Beans! She told Nana "Me and Dad played Don't Spill the Beans and I spilled the beans"!!!! So intense!

Playing Elefun! Waiting on the butterflies. We played this alot when we were younger. Jessi loved it!

WooHoo! Gonna catch one!

I think Dad got that one!

She also got Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land. She got another game called Red Rover. The dog tells you what color or number of bone to bring him. It's pretty neat. She really likes it. She also got an Alphie. We've played with that too!

Here she is in her car with 3 of her babies. She also has her purse and a diaper bag in there with her!
I'm not really sure how we've been fitting in so much in our days but I know I am exhausted when bedtime comes! We play and I clean some, then we play some more. The house is finally back to normal. I've been doing alot this week and boy am I feeling it. We are headed to Fort Cobb in the morning to spend the whole weekend with Grandma Sheri, Pa, Haley, Danielle, and Nate. This will more than likely be the last time we travel down there for quite some time. Being in the car is pretty hard on me now and Logan will be here in around 7 weeks. And I remember all to well what it was like traveling with a newborn. Now we'll have a newborn and a toddler. I might as well rent an RV to travel anywhere because you take so much stuff! But we will always welcome visitors to come see us! Now that Christmas is over it's to get into baby mode! Time to order beddings and start painting! We only have a few weeks left. I'm starting to get a little nervous that we won't have everything done! Hopefully it is!

Christmas at Nana's

After we opened our gifts here at home and went through Santa's goodies we went over to Nana's because Jessi, Ryan, and Reese were coming to town before heading to Arnett. We wanted to open gifts with them and Bubba, Nessa, and Jax. Chris wasn't here this year, he was in Arizona visiting Mike and Barb.

Jax Joe
Ady is helping Jax open his gift from Grandma Jane and Papa Gene

Reese getting hugs from Nana!

Bubba, Reese, and Jessi

Reese opening his stuff up! and Jax eating more paper!

Ady Jane with more baby accessories!

Jax waiting on breakfast

Reese with more cars!

Bubba and his new camo hat!

Ryan must have something good in his stocking!

Ady checking out what's in her stocking.

Jax in his camo hat from Aunt Jessi and Uncle Ryan and his new sippy cup.

Ryan checking out a new shirt from Santa Mike!

Santa brought us lottery tickets. Did they win anything? I know I didn't!

With most of his new toys!

New slippers

This is what kind of pictures you get when Mike is the photogapher and Ryan is the subject!

Such a pose!

Happy boy!

Nana feeding Jax breakfast. He always has his tongue out!!

Yum Yum!

Oh Ryan!

More bites!

They were both sitting there so quietly and so intense! I cheris this picture! THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!! Ady is feeding her baby (Katy) and Reese is playing with his tow truck.

Reese and his tow truck from Aunt Jen and Uncle Mike

Ady feeding her baby.

Bubble machine! Notice the pile of bubbles on the floor!

More bubbles

Ady and her bubbles

Santa got Jessi and Ryan Perfection. Such an intense game. We played this all the time when we were little. It became a little competive though Christmas morning!