Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Back!!!

So I realized I haven't blogged in a long time! Sorry about that! Things have been really busy around here. I just finshed up with finals and Mike hasn't been getting home from work until 7 or so. So that makes for a busy Momma! I'll just start back up by telling you about our weekend!

Friday afternoon my Grandma Mary came to town to fit Ady and fix Ady's costume for our church Christmas program. Ady is Mary! Ady loves to spend time with Gma Mary. I did too when I was little (I still do)! Grandma made the comment to me while she was here that Ady is very entertaining! Yes she is!!! She is fun to watch with her babies. She is so motherly! Grandma also told me that watching Ady is just like watching me when I was that age. Mike says "oh no"! And I don't see a problem with that at all!!!

Friday night I FINALLY got our Christmas cards ordered! Hopefully you guys will have them before Christmas!

Saturday started out very early for me! I talked Vanessa into going to Enid with me at 6 AM! Old Navy had their Performance Fleece for $5! We have some guys in the family that wear these and I couldn't pass up a cheap Christmas gift!! We were back home before Mike and Ady even got out of bed!!! I was pretty worn out already (doesn't take much at this point) so Mike told me to make a list of what I was going to get done around the house and he took care of it for me! I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband. He knows I can't stand a dirty house and he helps me out all the time. Ady has gotten really good about dusting and doing little things here and there. Being on my feet is really hard on me since I'm carrying this baby so low.

I wanted to get something for our neighbors for Christmas but didn't really want to take the time and money trying to figure out what to get each family. So my Mom and I decided to bake them some treats! Who doesn't love homemade cookies! She came over around 12:30 and we got started. Her and Mike made spicy pickles to start off and then we got busy with the cookies. It was a long day off baking and pretzel dipping but it was fun. Cody, Vanessa, and Jax came over for the afternoon. I love getting to spend time with Cody. He's gone back to work so we cheris the time we get to spend with him when he's home.

This is the plate of goodies that we gave to our neighbors. I must say that they are pretty yummy! I'm loving the chocolate covered pretzels right now. The saltiness and the sweetness just hits the spot!!! We made chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter blossom cookies. Ady had a blast helping Nana with those!

Jax hanging out in the high chair watching us in the kitchen!

Ady and Nana scooping in the peanut butter!

This girl loves to bake!
Nana's little helper! My mom manned the cookie operation because I am known for making some pretty aweful cookies!!

Such a happy boy!!!

Hard at work!

Thanks Mom for all your help! Alot of times I take for granted having my family so close. It's such a blessing. Mom is always there when I need her and even when I don't think I do! Ady already has great memories with her Nana and I know there are any more to come. I have tons of wonderful memories with my grandma's and I'm so happy Ady gets to experience the same thing.

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