Monday, December 20, 2010

Visit from Santa!

Ady hasn't really been feeling very good. She's had a sore throat for a few days and lots of drainage. Saturday she took a pretty long nap. But it was hard to get her to lay down because she knew that Heather, Hadlea, and Justin were in town and not only that right across the street! Well Heather had called me right as Ady was waking up and said that Santa had just been over there and he was heading to our house! So I hurried and got Ady dressed up in her Christmas outift! She was pretty confused by this time!! She kept asking where we were going. Then the doorbell rang! It was SANTA!! Last year Santa stopped by and as soon as she seen him walking up the sidewalk she screamed and took off running!!! For weeks she's been saying "I'm not scared of Santa" and "I won't be afraid of him". I know she can talk the talk pretty good but I really didn't know how she'd be when it came down to it!!

Here she is letting Santa in! You can tell she's not really sure why Santa is here! She still asked me today "Why did Santa come to my house?"Telling Santa what she wants for Christmas

Some of these pictures are not very good but her looks are pretty funny. With Santa pictures you always gotta keep the bad ones!!!

Hugs from Santa! Ady looks a little scared!

Deep discussion!
She finally smiled!

The scared look again!

As soon as he left she had to call Nana and tell her that she just saw Santa and she wasn't scared! She was so excited!

Telling Nana all about Santa!

She was super excited to be able to talk to Santa and tell him what she wanted. It made it more real for her! I'm so glad she didn't freak out when he came in!

Thank you Santa for thinking of us and stopping by!!!

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