Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas at Nana's

After we opened our gifts here at home and went through Santa's goodies we went over to Nana's because Jessi, Ryan, and Reese were coming to town before heading to Arnett. We wanted to open gifts with them and Bubba, Nessa, and Jax. Chris wasn't here this year, he was in Arizona visiting Mike and Barb.

Jax Joe
Ady is helping Jax open his gift from Grandma Jane and Papa Gene

Reese getting hugs from Nana!

Bubba, Reese, and Jessi

Reese opening his stuff up! and Jax eating more paper!

Ady Jane with more baby accessories!

Jax waiting on breakfast

Reese with more cars!

Bubba and his new camo hat!

Ryan must have something good in his stocking!

Ady checking out what's in her stocking.

Jax in his camo hat from Aunt Jessi and Uncle Ryan and his new sippy cup.

Ryan checking out a new shirt from Santa Mike!

Santa brought us lottery tickets. Did they win anything? I know I didn't!

With most of his new toys!

New slippers

This is what kind of pictures you get when Mike is the photogapher and Ryan is the subject!

Such a pose!

Happy boy!

Nana feeding Jax breakfast. He always has his tongue out!!

Yum Yum!

Oh Ryan!

More bites!

They were both sitting there so quietly and so intense! I cheris this picture! THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!! Ady is feeding her baby (Katy) and Reese is playing with his tow truck.

Reese and his tow truck from Aunt Jen and Uncle Mike

Ady feeding her baby.

Bubble machine! Notice the pile of bubbles on the floor!

More bubbles

Ady and her bubbles

Santa got Jessi and Ryan Perfection. Such an intense game. We played this all the time when we were little. It became a little competive though Christmas morning!

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