Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve #2 Part 1!

I will put this Christmas in 2 posts. I have tons of pics and don't want to overload you to bad!
Christmas Eve #2 was with my mom's side. Every Christmas Eve is when we get together. This is one tradition that I love! We have such a BIG family it's always so much fun to all get together. Having Uncle John and Shelby home made it even better. All the grandkids were there and it was so much fun! We ate a ton of food and then had gifts for the little ones. We tried to get tons of 4th generation pics and pics of grandma and grandpa with the little ones.
4 Generations-Grandma Mary, Mom (Alicia), Cody Joe, and Jax 4 Generations- Grandpa George, Mom(Alicia), Cody, and Jax. I love Bubba's smile in this pic!

4 Generations- Grandma Mary, mom(Alicia), Jessi, and Reese. This pic was difficult to get because Reese kept pickng his nose, boys!!!
Our family!

She loves her Daddy!

Some of the family-Cody, Taylor, Kinzi, Dustin, Shelby, Skylar, and Zach

Reese and Adylyn! Love these 2!

Reese opening up his Chuck Truck!

Let the opening begin!

Bubba and Gpa George! Our family is so blessed to have these 2 still in our families! I had an emotional day the Thursday before Christmas. It had just hit me that we could (and without the grace of God) should be celebrating this Christmas without them. With Bubba's accident and Gpa's stroke we are so blessed to still have them with us.

Ady and her Dora doll from Uncle John and Aunt Shelby!

Jessi and Reese

Jax playing with a bow!

Ady and Nana opening her box of goodies from Grandma Mary!

Ady and Bubba checking everthing out!

The quilt Cody has is so neat. It's a denim and lace quilt that one of Gma's residents made. She had one made for all the greats! Ady loves to lay on it on the floor! It's so heavy!

Bubba and Reese checking out some of Reese's cars!

Jax with a noise maker! Thanks Gpa and Darlene!

Aunt Linda !

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