Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Before Christmas!

The Thursday before Christmas Uncle Johnny and Shelby took us all to eat at The Vintage House. I think there were 22 of us! We had a GREAT time! Johnny works and lives in Louisiana so we don't get to see them very often. For Christmas he took us all out to eat. The Vintage House is a wonderful restraunt in Burlington. If you appreciate a good steak this is the place to go! This was my first time and I know Mike and I will definitely be going back!
Thanks John and Shelby!
This was the only picture I got of the whole evening. Apparently I was talking way to much!!
Aunt Linda with Jax on Dustin shoulders! Before we went to eat that evening Ady had to get in a nap! She laid down on the floor to watch "her shows" and Max came and laid with her! He may act like he doesn't like her but deep down he loves her!!!

And Wednesday morning we got to keep this handsome fella!!! We just love him to pieces! He's waiting paitently for breakfast!!

I'm gonna attempt to get up posts from all our Christmas's. We still have one to go but I hope I can get caught up before then! Stay tuned!!!

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