Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve #2 Part 2!

Here are some more pictures from our Christmas eve with my mom's side. We all met at Aunt Trecia's in Enid.

Ady with Susie and Clarice the Reindeer! She was so excited to get this Build-A-Bear from Aunt Trecia. We have watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer every night when we are going to bed for weeks!
Reese got Rudolph and was pretty excited. Love his facial expression!

Loving on his reindeer!

Now he's riding Rudolph! Such a funny kid!

Grandma Mary with her kids. Aunt Trecia, Mom (Alicia), Aunt Linda, and Uncle John

Grandma Mary with all the Grandkids. Zach, Dustin, Aaron, Cody, Jessi, Me, Taylor, Lee, Kinzi, Skylar, and Kelsey

Grandma and Grandpa with the Greats.

Grandma got us a nativity. I wanted one so bad!!! I was going to go after Christmas and catch some of the sales and get one. I love it!

We had a great night of hanging out with the family. It will probably be a while before we are all together again. Reese's birthday will probably be the next time but then who knows when Johnny can come back home. Mike and I will be going over there to stay with them as soon as things calm down here after Logan is born. I can not wait!! They live really close to the town where my all time favorite movie Steel Magnolia's was filmed. And I can't wait to try blackened alligator! They swear it is amazing!! I've always wanted to go Louisiana and now we have somebody to show us around!!

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