Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting ready for Santa!

One day last week we recieved this box that I had won from a giveaway at Life With the Lebedas . It is a Night Before Christmas Box from Red Envelope. It is the neatest thing! It has a letter from Santa telling Ady that is on the nice list and Santa will be stopping by to bring her presents. It has some Hot Cocoa mix and Mrs. Fields cookies that we will be leaving out for Satna. It has a mug and plate for Santa also. There is a book with lots of Reindeer games to play and some paper to write your letter to Santa on.

She was so excited when we read the letter from Santa! She can't wait to leave him his cookies and hot chocolate. Oh and leave the reindeer carrots. She told Nana that we needed to leave some Ranch too!!! We also had the conversation one day about what reindeer eat. I told her that Santa probably feeds them the same thing that Grandpa feeds the horses and what Chris feeds the cows. Like hay and feed. She in turn tells me that we need to get some pellets from the farm to leave with the carrots!! She's our little farm girl! Not many 3 year old girls know what pellets are!!! Santa's mug!

Here is her letter to Santa!

And here is the translation!

Dear Santa,
I want a house that has a doorbell for Christmas. I also want a blanket, a microphone, and the game with the blue rabbit.
How is Rudolph? Are the elves still making toys? What is your favorite cookie?
We will leave the resindeer carrots and you some hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. I know you like hot cocoa!
Merry Christmas Love,
Adylyn Hammons

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  1. lol love her letter to Santa! Cute!
    Glad you like your kit! Hope she enjoys all the games!