Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day and Dr.'s appt

Monday we celebrated Valentine's Day the 3 of us as a family! Ady and I had PB & J's for lunch and we cut them in the shape of hearts! Now everytime we make any sort of sandwich it has to be cut in the shape of a heart!! We did a little bit of housework during the day and then we got ready for supper. Dad grilled out steaks and we made baked potatoes, corn, and salad. Ady loves baked potatoes! And I could eat steak every.single.night.!!!! For dessert Ady and I dipped strawberries, marshmellows, and graham craskers in chocolate. YUMMY!!! She's definitely like her momma and will eat chocolate at any time and pretty much on anything!
I didn't get a picture but Dad came home with some roses for Ady and I. She was so excited to get her own flowers!! She wanted him to put them in her room so her room would smell good! He got her some sweettart hearts and a Princess card that sings. The other day we asked her if she was a princess and she said "Well I don't have my dress on right now"! We told her she was our princess no matter what she had on!!
We had a great evening spending time together as a family!
Tuesday I had to take Ady into the dr. She has been fighting a runny nose and started to get a cough. Her eyes also started getting red and matty. With Logan coming anytime I didn't want her to have anything contagious and not be able to hold him. The medicine I was giving her was helping but we got her a Zpack just to help out. I also had an appt to check my progress. I am still only at a 1. Logan is going to be about the size of Ady. Ady had a small, pretty, round head. When Dr. checks me Logan's head still bobbles around a little. It hasn't locked into my pelvis. He is puzzled that I am still carrying him so high. This baffles me because I am carrying him so much lower than what I carried Ady! I go back Tuesday. My dr is leaving town on Friday so if I haven't Logan by Tuesday then we will discuss induction. Tomorrow is my due date and there is a full moon. I have been very active around the house and going for walks with Ady everyday. I'm hoping that something happens this weekend! I really really want to go into labor like God intended us women to. My induction with Ady wasn't bad and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I was talking to my BF Heather and she made the point that we will do whatever it takes to get him here. I just continue to pray that however it happens we are blessed with a healthy baby and a safe labor and delivery. I just know I'm done being pregnant!! I'm tired of the burning reflux every night when I go to bed, I'm tired of not being able to wear my own clothes, and I'm tired of not being able to move like I used to. Sorry for the complaining, I'm done now!
Poor Ady probably thinks we are crazy and lying to her about this baby brother! She asked me yesterday "Is he ever going to be here"!

I'm running out of things to clean! I wonder is anyone cleans their blinds and ceiling fans as much as I do! I normally do them once a week but here lately to get me on my feet I've been doing them 2 sometimes 3 times a week!!! Since it's been so nice outside Ady and I have been outside playing around.
I do know that when he does come I will be making signs and posting them in the hospital room and our front door that there is no touching until you have washed your hands!!! There is so much crud going around, the flu, coughs, runny noses. It's everywhere. Last Thursday at my doctors appt I had to go give my urine sample and Mike and Ady went ahead and sat down. Mike told Ady she could go play with the table of toys that they have in there and she turned to him and said "No, they have germs!!" Oops! Maybe I'm creating a little germaphobe! I honestly think I've only said that to her one time. She just remembers things extremely well. But I do have a fear of the toys in doctors offices. GROSS.
Ok my random post is done now. Racing season has begun and the Gatorade Duels are on and it's nap time!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bowling with the Royals

Saturday morning we headed into Enid before noon so Mike could give blood and I could get my hair trimmed. Nana was there getting her hair trimmed and colored too! After all that fun stuff it was lunch time with the Royal's!! Lindsey (I went to high school with her) cuts my hair and her and Nana told Ady that when I am in the hospital with Logan that Nana will bring her in and let Lindsey cut her hair and paint her fingernails! She's so excited!!! She reminds me everyday!!!

After lunch we headed out to shop. We shopped all afternoon long!! I wasn't objected to this because I want to do all the walking I can! For dinner we ate at Western Sizzlin then it was time to go bowling! I didn't tell Ady we were going until Friday because I knew she'd ask me about it non stop! She loves to bowl! She bowled 2 full games. In the past she has gotten bored with it pretty close to the end of the first game. I bowled one game hoping to get this little man a moving!! No luck!! We always have a great time with Jessi, Ryan, and Reese. We are so blessed to have them close and have such great friends in them. I love that Ady and Reese are growing up together. They are so excited to see each other when we first get together. Then by the end of the day they are fighting like brother and sister!!!

We had a great day in what we hope was the last weekend of Ady being an only child! I asked her on the way home if she had fun and she said she did and then was asleep in about 5 minutes!!

Reese watching his ball! I love this picture! We get asked all the time if they are brother and sister! Jessi had them both in a buggy at Ross on Saturday and they were making what sounded like howling noises. You could hear them all throughout the store. Jessi was quite embarrassed because you know everybody thought they were both hers!!!

Mike and Ady!

I love the bowling alley in Enid. I think they have 35 or so lanes and it never costs us more than $20 bowl for all 3 of us to bowl 2 games.

Is it a strike!?

After we bowled it was time to hit the game room! I think the Dad's enjoy this part just as much!

Playing some Skee Ball!

Trying to hit the jackpot!

Ady wanted to ride the little carousel.

Having a blast!

Reese didn't quite know what to think about it at first!

Sunday we went to church and then had a soup lunch afterwards for Valentine's Day. It was so yummy! We've never had a potluck that wasn't though!! We had a soup drive for our local food pantry and from the stacks of soup that I seen it looks like it was pretty successful!
Today is Valentine's Day! Being broke college kids Mike and I were never really able to go out and do anything each year. We always did the cards and just fixed dinner at home. I got flowers every now and then but I'd rather just have the quality time that we spent together. I still have all my cards and the handmade ones that Mike made me. He always wrote me a letter to go with it. I can't wait to pull those back out in 50 years! Ady has made this holiday even more special. I don't really look at Valentine's Day as just for couples anymore. I look at it as a holiday where you show all those you love just how much you love them. And that's how I've explained to Ady what Valentine's Day is. Tonight we plan to have a steak dinner, exchange the cards we made for each other, and eat chocolate covered strawberries! We just might do it under candlelight! I hope everyone has a blessed Valentine's Day with the ones you love. We are busy this morning getting laundry caught up and other things around the house just in case Logan decides to join us!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Little Momma and Snow storm

This little girl has been in extra Momma mode lately! She loves to go into Logan's room with her babies and use anything that she can get her hands on. She's put socks on them, put them on the changing table, used Logan's blankets to swaddle and then rock them. I love this picture. I knew she had been in there playing and when I went to check on her this is what I saw! She's gonna be such a good helper!
Wednesday morning we woke up to this!!! I don't know how much we got I've heard lots of different amounts. I know it was over a foot though. The drifts were crazy!

This is our neighbors across the street. The snow is at the bottom of their windows!
Mike shoveling our driveway.

Bubba, Nessa, and Jax came over Wednesday morning. Cody and Mike didn't have to go into work. They both work outside and with the frigid wind chill temps they were able to stay home. Cody has a 4 wheel drive pickup so we got out and drove around town for a little bit!
We also made snow ice cream! Ady LOVED it!

Ady and Jax watching Mike and Cody shovel snow!

Cody started to shovel the snow off the front porch and then realized that a broom would work much better! The snow was so powdery!
These 2 LOVE the snow! The snow in our back yard was pretty high but they quickly got it trampled down. It's also helping it melt faster!



Running after a toy!
We are welcoming the nicer temps but now dealing with all the MUD!!! If it's not one thing it's another!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bubba's cooking, guns, and Superbowl

Saturday Cody cooked us dinner. He grilled out poek tenderloin, steak, and chicken breast. It was all soooo yummy! I love getting to spend time with everyone. Grandpa George and Darlene were not able to make it to the shower. I think Grandpa's phone call went something like this "I've got horses everywhere!!!!" So he needed to stay and fix fence! Cody ended up going over and helping gather up the horses and fixing fence. But Grandpa and Darlene drove over to give us their gift for Logan and to have dinner with us. It was a perfect evening.

Chris has a toy shotgun that he got from Atwoods that makes the firing sound and the end of the barrel lights up. If you load it, it will actually kick out a shell! Ady has shot it before and LOVES it! She can actually pull the trigger back. She has a toy bottle cap pistol but her trigger finger isn't strong enough to pull it back.

Bubba got down and was showing her how to look through the scope and shoot it properly. Moments like this I will cheris forever. Just 10 months ago we thought we would never have moments like this. Ady loves her Bubba and I love that he can teach her things like this. He can't wait to get Ady and Reese there own guns (I can't either)! I should have got a picture of the man sitting behind them (Grandpa George). He was beaming! Grinning ear to ear!
Reese didn't really know what to think about this at first! But he's interested now!!!

Now he's ready! He cracked us up! His facial expressions when he'd pull the trigger and hear it fire we priceless. Of course I didn't get a picture of that! Ha
Look out!!! He was shooting the cats on the TV at one point! Lol

Sunday Mike had to work so we got up and got ready for church. Then it was naptime! Ryan and I started watching the Pregame stuf around 1:30 I think! Mom, Chris, Bubba, Nessa, Jax, Jessi, Ryan, and Reese were all over for the game. We had brats, burgers, and dogs. We had a good time laughing at the commercials and making bets on the game!
At one point Jax was trying to climb up my leg. So I picked him up and he strained his head to look at Ady's car. All he wanted was to drive the Cozy Coupe! I stuck him in there and put him in the living room and he was perfectly content!

Ady and Reese eating dinner. Reese was getting sick so he didn't want much to do with dinner. Ady ate half a hamburger!!!! That's very good for her! If it's not chicken she usually doesn't want much to do with it. I think she may be going through a growth spurt because she's been eating alot more these last few days.

We are preparing for yet again another round of snow. Hopefully we don't have the arrival of Logan during that time!! I have been getting caught up on laundry and housework while Ady has been very busy changing her babies diapers every 10 minutes! We hope everyone stays warm and safe this week.

New car and baby sprinkle...

Thursday Mike couldn't go to Bob's memorial with us because they were already behind at work from missing days due to the snow storm. Last Saturday Mike and I went to Wichita to shop around for a new car and to use an Olive Garden gift card that we had. We didn't find anything while car shopping. I was being pretty picky and wanted to think about all the possibilities! Well Thursday afternoon Mike called me and said the salesman we worked with had called him with a few vehicles that we might be interested in. So after Mike got off he headed into Wichita to take a look. He didn't get home til really late! They let him drive home an 07 Black Expedition. Friday when Ady and I got up and around we went out to the garage to take a look. I was leary about it cause I didn't want a huge gas gussler that was rougher than all get out! We took it for a drive and I was impressed. So Ady and I headed into Wichita Friday after lunch to meet Mike at the dealership to finalize the deal! Ady loves it because she sits higher and can see out the windows!! We do so much with Jessi and Ryan so I'm glad that we can now take one vehicle instead of 2. We had to kill about 2 hours so they could detail and change the oil and all that stuff. We headed over to Towne East.

Ady wanted to try on sunglasses forever!!!
Saturday we had a baby shower for Logan and I. After the shower Reese came to me and said "look Mike'! He thought he was so funny cause he looked like Mike!!! I had to move his glasses from his night stand cause that was Reese's favorite thing to do for the afternoon! Doesn't he look so cute with his hair cut!?

The shower turned out really great. I had a great time with some amazing friends and family. We missed Heather and Hadlea but because Eastern OK has gotten so much snow and ice they were not able to make it for the weekend. Ady was sad to have missed playtime with H but I explained to her why they couldn't be there. Hopefully soon we'll see them! We got TONS of diapers and wipes! Which is GREAT!!! Ava was there so Ady got to spend some time with her and play a little in the nursery of the church.

The cake! It was yummy!

My wonderful sister and I! I love her so much!

Reese checking things out!

Opening one of my favorite gifts from my Aunt Linda! She got me a pedicure and 30 minute massage! I CAN.NOT. WAIT to use it! It's much needed. Thanks Aunt Linda!

This is another one of my favorite gifts! Aunt Becky made Ady and Logan shirts! I love them and can't wait to see them wear them.

Becky had these for table decorations. They were laying on the tables and I had these little vases so I figured I would use them as decoration in Logan's room!

And another one of my favorite gifts! Gma Jane made this blanket for Logan and then had his name monogrammed on it. I love personalized things for the kids!

These pics are of the girls measuring there strings of yarn to how big they thought my belly was. I was impressed! Almost everybody had it within a inch or so! Except Omo (Ady calls her that) she was way off!

Ava wanted to do it too!

Ady and Brinley! Trying to get a pic of these 2 was quite difficult! LOL

Such a pretty girl!

Aunt Linda got Ady to get in the box my glider (another favorite gift from the hostesses) came in. She pushed her and spun her around! Ady loves her Aunt Linda!

Ady and I with Brinley and Becky! Love these girls!

Brinley, Jax, and Ady playing in the box. The kids got some quality play time after the shower.

Brinley and Jax. Only about 6 weeks apart.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. I still have pictures from Saturday night and Sunday but I'll put that in another post!