Monday, February 7, 2011

Catching up from the week

I slacked last week and didn't keep up on my posts! We got snowed in Tuesday and Wednesday so I enjoyed the relaxing time with Mike and Ady since he was home. We got in lots of play time! Ady was so excited to wake up both mornings and still see Mike here. She is really into playing hide-and-seek right now! In the evenings when Dad gets home thats all she wants to do! She is getting better at not hollering out where she is. I need to get her on video because when it's her turn to count she counts really good to about 5 or 6 then she speeds up and counts super fast!!! We have to sprint to find somewhere to hide before she comes to find us!

When we were snowed in her and Max got in some snuggle time! He didn't last much longer up there after I took the pic!

Here she is hiding from me! Dad put her there! Reminds us of E.T.
One morning we made Valentine's cards! Ady loves to do crafty things.

Ady and I were making a card for Dad and she wanted to right on it herself. So I was cleaning up a little and she said "Look Mom I made an H"! This little girl suprises me every day with the things she does! So I wrote 'Dad' (at the bottom left of card) and she copied it. Hers is in the middle of the card.

Concentrating so hard!

We also played Red Rover!

On a Sadder note.... Saturday night we got a call that Bob, my grandma Mary's loving companion, had been killed in an accident. Bob loved my grandma with everything he had and made her so happy! This picture (it's a picture of a picture) shows just how happy these two made each other. My grandma is 72 (I think!) and she still works full time and has way to much on her plate for her age. Bob got her to be concerned about her health and her life more than worrying so much about others. If Bob wasn't working then he was at one of the grandkids functions, even if Gma couldn't make it. He'd drive to the other end of the state to watch a basketball game. He was so loyal and dedicated. A couple of summers ago he drove all the way to Renfrow where Jessi was working during harvest just to give her her birthday card!
My grandma and I have always had a close connection. I spent so much time with her when I was little. Ady adores her and we are so blessed that she gets to spend time with her and learn from her like we did. It doesn't matter what is asked of her she will never turn anyone down. Bob was the exact same way. They were perfect for each other. Her heart is broken but she is a strong women and I know that her faith in the Lord will get her through this. Bob's memorial was Thursday. I took Ady because there was not a body to view so I didn't think it would be that tramatic for her. All the family was there, including Uncle John and Shelby from Louisiana. They played Go Rest High On That Mountain by Vince Gill and I began to cry. They also had a slide show of pictures. Ady asked me why I was crying and asked my all those pictures were of Bob. How do you explain death to a 3 year old? I definitely wasn't ready for that. I whispered to her that I was sad but God took Bob with him up to Heaven so everything was going to be all right. She knows God is in Heaven and he has lots of 'friends' up there with him. Heaven now has another angel to watch over us. I know Bob is up there taking care of us just like he would be if he was still on earth with us. I still pray for peace and comfort for my grandma. I pray that she continues to lean on the Lord during these hard times. We love and miss you Bob. Even though you weren't on 'Official' part of our family you were every bit a part of our loving family!

Thursday evening after the memorial I had a doctors appt. Jessi went with me since Mike was at work and she will be in the delivery room with us. I am 38 weeks. my cervix has closed back up. Logan floated up a little so his head isn't putting pressure on my cervix so that allowed it to close back up. NOT FAIR!! Heart rate was 144 BPM and everything is still checking out good. Just waiting it out still. Dr said that Logan is small and will probably be around the same size Ady was. Which was 6 lbs 11 ozs and 18 1/2 inches long. I go back again Thursday. Hopefully there will be some sort of progression!
We had a great weekend and I will put that in another post!

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  1. Oh Jennifer, I'm so sorry about your Grandma's friend. She's a lovely woman and I'm so sorry for her grief. I hope you all stay safe during the ice and snow and that your Grandma finds strength in her dark hours.