Friday, January 28, 2011

37 weeks, Sundae, and finally outside!

I am already 37 weeks! I can't believe it! I am officially full term and could go into labor at anytime. Yes we have been preparing for that! Thursday I went in for my 37 week appt and I am dilated almost to a 2. Everything still looks and sounds good. Heartbeat was 141 bpm. Dr. thinks I will more than likely go another 3-4 weeks and that is my due date. He will not induce me until I go past 42 weeks. Man I hope I don't go that long. I'm to the point where I am very uncomfortable and it's getting harder to move around. My stomach is very tender because he's pushing out everywhere. He's running out of room!!!

Ady also had an appt Thursday with her ENT for a check-up on her tubes. They are still in place and dry! So we go back in another 3 months. That has been the best thing we did for her. I did not want to get tubes put in but Dr. did it because she had fluid built up for at least 3 weeks and we could tell she was having hearing problems. The surgery was in June and she's only been on antibiotics once since then and that was over New Years for a sinus infection. I don't know how much of it was due to the tonsils and adenoids out or the tubes put in but it's helped!

After doctor appointments and running errands I decided to take Ady to Braums and get some ice cream. She's never had a sundae so I let her pick what she wanted and we would share it. She loves ice cream so she was pretty excited! She picked out a Strawberry Shortcake Sundae and I was pretty happy since that is my favorite!!! I try to do something just for her when we go in for my appts because everything has been all about Logan lately. Mike and I have been trying to think of something fun to do with her before Logan gets here and I think we decided we'll take her bowling. She loves to bowl and it's not a whole lot of walking for me!

Digging into her sundae!

I thought she looked really cute before we left for Enid!

Notice Logan' s swing in the background. Ady has put an extra bassinett sheet on it for her babies!

Friday Mike was home from work. His contractors are on their 4 day break and have gone back to Minnesota. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! We took advantage and got outside and did some work on Mike's truck and some yard work.
Posing with Max!

Chewing on a stick!
Helping (watching) Dad stack wood.
Playing in her house!

I see you Mom!!

She said she's opening the window to let the sun in!

Love her!

Ringing her doorbell.
We had a great day yesterday and also got alot done around here. Ady and Mike were sitting on the couch watching Sid the Science Kid and Ady looks at me and says "I'm so glad Dad's home"! She misses him so much during the week when he works his long hours!
We ended the day by going over and seeing Bubba, Nessa, and Jax. We also got to see Cody Pratt! I love that kid and miss him tons! Then we went upstairs and saw Nana and Chris and decided to go eat dinner at the Red Barn in Caldwell. I love good and productive days!! I was having some pretty strong but short contractions last night from all the activity I did. But they stopped as soon as I got in bed and got relaxed.
I have another Adyism for you.... The other night we were over at Nana's and we were leaving. Ady asked "Dad, can I drive home?" Mike replied "Yes" then Nana asked "Ady do you have a drivers license" and Ady replies "No, but I got lots of credit cards!!!"" I thought we were going to fall on the ground laughing! She cracks us up!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend before the crazy cold weather hits again.

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