Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catching up....

I am just going to do one long post to catch up on our week. Sorry if it gets too long and boring!
Friday Mike was home from work. Since he had worked his 10 or so days he got Friday and Saturday off. We woke up and got busy on painting trim! Friday evening Jessi called and wanted to know if we needed any help with Logan's room. YOU BET! If Mike had to do it all by himself it would have taken him forever! We ended up going into Enid that evening to get some things at Lowe's that we needed then we met Jessi, Ryan, and Reese for dinner. Saturday morning we got up and the guys got started touching up paint getting the trim put back on. They got SO much done Saturday! The furniture got put together and some of Logan's clothes got put in the closet (what I had hangers for). I feel so much better knowing that at least the room is somewhat complete. I still need to get the bedding (not to worried about that because he won't be sleeping in his crib for a while), curtains, and somethings off Etsy for decorations. But at least if he comes we have a place to change his diapers and a place for his clothes!
Saturday was another play date for Adylyn and Reese. They decided they wanted to get out the Play-Doh! Ady loves to play with it and Reese has recently started to explore!!! He doesn't want to eat it anymore!!
They giggled all the time! I love hearing them go back and forth with there giggles!

I had to make a trip to the grocery store and it was time for us to eat lunch plus it was nap time. Jessi stayed with the kids while I ran out. When I got back she said the kids were melting!!
Ady is trying to make the bed that we had set out for Jessi and Ryan.

Reese kept getting on the bed and messing up her covers. She was getting a little upset! Jessi took these pics so I'm not sure if he was telling her he was sorry or she was choking him!!!
Saturday evening Mom invited us over for stew! Cody was still home so they came up and we played games after we ate. I cherish those moments that we all get together and have a good time!
Jax Joe. He's getting so big!

He always has his tongue out!
He has been pulling himself up!

He is also on the move! He has been for probably about a month now but of course I'm just now getting around to posting about it!

He's such a chunky boy!

And he loves paper!

Monday Ady and I got some housework done and then after naptime we decided we needed to make cupcakes! Ady loves to help out in the kitchen. Whether it's baking or cooking dinner she's always right there!
Stealing some batter!

Licking the beaters, the best part!!
After they cooled I let her ice her own. ALL BY HERSELF! She wanted sprinkles too! I had to stop her on her first cupcake because if not she would have put the whole container of icing on there! She was so excited to get to do this!

Hard at work!

Posing with her masterpieces!

She wants one so bad!

Pretty please!
And this was her finished product! I don't think she used all the sprinkles!

Tuesday I got really sick. I was really nauseated and had diarrhea (sorry if that's TMI)! I had no energy so I was on the couch most of the day. I felt horrible that I couldn't get down and do things with Ady that I normally do but I really think she understood. She was so good and played on her own and didn't ask much. I started throwing up Tuesday night right before bed. I just new I was going to go into labor!! HA!

Wednesday morning I had an OB appt in Enid. So Ady and I got up and headed in for that (I'll make a pregnancy update later). I didn't get any of the errands ran that I wanted to because I was still not feeling 100% so we just came home and took a nap! I have things that I need to get done but I just have no energy and don't feel well. It's getting old! Logan's cradle bedding came in so Ady and I got that washed and put in his cradle. So now he has a place to sleep!!

Today is Nessa's bday! We will be going over there for dinner tonight. I'm excited! Nessa's mom is cooking and she is Mexican so I can't wait. I know I'm probably going to be hurting later but I can't pass up authentic Mexican food!!

Now it's onto keeping up with the laundry and hopefully getting some more of Logan's clothes hung up!

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