Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting ready...

This week we have been doing more around here to get ready for Logan's arrival, whenever that may be! Mike has been working late every night so it's pretty much just been Ady and I. I finally finished today with the house. It only took me 3 days but I got it done! So everyday I am waking up like today is the day. I get the house picked back up and do what little things need to be done. Our bags are packed and I've got all my lists made of what else to grab. The unknown is driving me crazy!! I was induced with Ady but I will not be with Logan unless problems arise or I go past 42 weeks (God help me if I do). I have been having more Braxton Hicks contractions and I have alot of pressure. Logan is SO much lower than how I carried Ady. I go back to the dr tomorrow (Thursday) and he is going to check me for progress. I will be 37 weeks Friday.

I have been trying to cherish the time I have left with Ady where it is just the 2 of us. I love the time I get to spend with her and I know we are both going to miss the one on one time we have. But on the other hand she is so excited to be a big sister and can't wait for Logan to get here. Everyday she asks when he's coming. The other night she was in the bath and Mike and I were both sitting in the bathroom with her and Mike asked her if she wanted to stay a little girl forever and never grow up. She replied "NO, I'm a big girl"!! She is such a big helper and I;m not really worried about being to overwhelmed when Logan is born. The nights are the only thing I'm worried about!!!

I could eat this face up! I love these eyes! She has mine!!!!

And then there is this goofy girl!!! She makes us laugh all the time! She is so darn witty!

I'll leave you with a video. Our Bible verse for this week is Mark 11:22 "Have Faith in God.."
She has been playing with her makeup the last few days. We had to make a quick trip to the grocery store this evening and I looked down at her while we were checking out and it looked like she had bruises on her face. I forgot to wash off her blue eye shadow that of course is on more than just her eyes!!

I almost forgot..Ady has been calling me Grandma this week. I finally asked her why in the world she is calling me that and she said "Well you're Susie's grandma"!! This girl! I'm telling you, she comes up with the funniest things!

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  1. Such a pretty girl!!

    I know everything will be great! Can't wait to see pictures! :D