Friday, January 7, 2011

Latest Baby Update!

First off I want to thank Mike's Aunt Debi for taking these pics! We got to spend last weekend with her and we had a blast!

Ok, Now onto the baby news. I thought I was 34 weeks today. I went to the doctor yesterday and my uterus is measuring 35 weeks. WHAT!!!! I go back in 2 weeks, January 19th, and more than likely he will check me then to see if I have started to soften. Everything is still great with Logan. My pelvic bones are spreading apart and man does that make for some crazy pain.

We are no where near ready for this baby to be here yet! Isn't it funny that with the first baby we were ready by 30 weeks! We had everything we needed! Now with the second baby we are scrambling for time! A good friend that I want to high school with, Lindsey, gave me some boxes of clothes that her youngest has grown out of and I got all the stuff from Jax that he has outgrown so my washing machine has been working double time today! It doesn't help that I can't be on my feet for very long without being in tons of pain. So I try to take it easy and only do a little at a time. Yeah Right! That's hard for me to do! Hopefully I get some help from Jessi this weekend. She's gonna help me go through clothes and get stuff put up. Sunday Mike thinks he is going to paint the nursery. We haven't even ordered the bedding yet!!! I know he won't be in his crib for a while but I plan on using the dresser and hutch/changing table now. I know it'll all come together. I'm just such a planner and have to have everything done NOW!!!!

Hopefully, by next week I have everything put where it goes and can get my house cleaned up! I guess I better start thinking about getting some clothes in a bag!

Something else we need to do is name this poor child!!! We know his first name is Logan but we cannot decide on a middle name!! This is exact opposite from Adylyn. We knew her middle name before we knew what her first name was!

This sweet girl cannot wait to be a Big Sister! She is so excited. She can even put a diaper on all by herself!! She's had her babies in the swing, bouncy chair, cradle, and bumbo! She's practicing up and I think she ready!!!
Let the crazyness begin!!!

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