Monday, January 10, 2011

Santa finally delivered!

When anybody asked Ady what she wanted for Christmas she would always say "A house with a doorbell". Nothing else! Mike and I finally decided on one and ordered in December 9th. It finally came Thursday! I was not a happy camper. I understand and realize that delivery companies are a bit busier that time of year but they only told me 1 or 2 weeks for a factory shipped item. So 'Santa' left Ady a note Christmas morning and told her that her house was to big to fit in the sleigh and he would have a special helper bring it on his big truck when the elves were finished making it. She bought it and it bought a little bit of time. I'm glad it came when it did because she was starting to ask more questions! Dad put it together Thursday night and Friday afternoon we went out and played in it! She was so excited! It's still on our back porch because we haven't had any time to clean up some leaves and dog poop in order to put it where we want it! She opens the back door and checks on her house many times during the day!

Checking everything out! Such a look of concentration!

One happy little girl!

Ringing her doorbell! Her favorite part!

Love this smile!

The mark on her left cheek is a scratch! I scratched her...oops!

Max soaking up some sun!

Washing her hands in the sink.

Sitting on the front porch!
I can't wait for Spring so we can spend our afternoons outside playing in her house! Thanks Santa!

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