Monday, April 12, 2010

Outdoor Fun!

Saturday we went out with Bubba to shoot. It had been so long since I shot guns! But I still got it! I hit the bullseye many times! After all I was taught by the best. There are facts about my G-Pa George and his shooting ability that I probably shouldn't post on here! It was really windy out and I couldn't keep my arms steady so I used the door to the pickup to help keep me steady! I really really want a hand gun so hopefully I can go shoot one here soon so I know whether or not I really want one! We also threw out some fishing poles and did a little fishing! We caught quite a few little mudcat! I think Mike and Cody had a better time walking around the pond stirring up bullfrogs and shooting them! It was a great day! So glad we got to spend some time with Bubba and do a shooting and fishing! She wanted to hold her pole the whole time! Man, I'm so glad she enjoys this! It would be really hard on me if she didn't! And Bubba can't wait to get Adylyn and Reese their first guns!
I think they were shooting at bullfrogs here!
Hollywood and Momma!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Dress!

I think I've blogged before about how my Grandma Mary always made our Easter dresses for all the girls in our family. She has started making the dresses for Adylyn now! She loves it! I do to because that's one less thing I have to worry about. Well, besides picking out the material. These pics are of Ady in her Easter dress that Grandma Mary made for her!
Our family Easter morning! This was actually the last pic taken before we went to Sunday School. She was irritated with me, if you can't tell! I was telling her to smile and she did it with a frown! HA!

Easter Morning

It's taken me longer than I intended to get these pictures up from our Easter weekend. I've had tons of homework and Mike's been gone for the week working. We had such a wonderful weekend and I took TONS of pictures. I've split up the weekend into different posts because there are tons of pictures. This weekend was s special. God has once again blessed us beyond belief! We spent the weekend with our families and we couldn't ask for anything more. Easter is such a special time, I love it! Adylyn got a picnic table, lawn mower, and a basket full of crackers, cookies, and juice. She also got a Toy Story grocery bag. It was the cheapest and I think her favorite!
Reese and Ady with his grill! Pushing her lawn mower inside with her grocery bag!
Reese and Ryan with his fishing pole the Easter Bunny brought him!
It may still be a little big!

Playing with Reese's new grill. Aunt Jessi, Reese, and Adylyn playing Easter morning.

Aunt Jessi and Reese reading a book.

He loves reading books period but he really loves book about animals and the noises they make! He cracks up!
Reading his book.

Here she is sitting at her picnic table! She wanted these Animal Crackers so bad!

And wanted her juice NOW!

Such a serious look!

Checking everything out!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday..

Coloring Easter eggs...

My family has colored Easter eggs since as long as I can remember. And we still look forward to it! We did this on Saturday night because it was the first night that everyone was home and could get together to do it. I just love getting together to do this. It's so much fun. We are so blessed to be close to my side of the family so Ady can experience these things. I still remember them from my childhood and I hope she does too. Ady enjoyed it this year! She liked putting the eggs in the dye and then putting stickers on them later. The "Big Kids" like it even more I think!!!
Here's Ady and Nana putting stickers on some eggs! Ryan putting glitter on an egg!

Ady, Nana, Chris, Mike, Jessi, and Reese
Nana, Chris, Reese, and Jessi

Reese, Jessi, and Ryan

Ady and Nana
Jessi and Reese. Reese thought the eggs were balls! He actually threw one of them!

New toy..

I got Ady a tube to play in. I thought this was a good buy! We can bring it inside or outside. Since we have a swimming pool I thought this would get tons of use since we'd be outside all day everyday in the summer. It has a tent that attaches to one end. I haven't attempted to put that up! Adylyn loves it! Reese never made it all the way through but he did like the ends of it!!

Best Uncle Award? I think so!!

Adylyn got an Easter basket from Grandma Sheri and Pa and it had some earrings, a crown, and a ring. Who else to try them on then Uncle Ryan! She knows he'll do anything she asks of him! And I caught him. He made me promise I wouldn't put them on Facebook but I didn't say anything about my blog! We love you Ryan!! You're a GREAT Uncle!!!

Ady wearing her crown and earrings

Friday, April 2, 2010

We had Cash!

We got to keep Cash for the day while Christy and Terri were at the track meet. We had so much fun. Ady just loves "Cash Man"! Ady was so helpful with him. One of these days she'll make a good Big Sister :) !!

Ady giving Cash kisses! Playing!

Cash and Ady

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another day outside! Yay!

The weather has been great for us this week, although it has been pretty windy. It doesn't stop us! We have had Ava this week so it's been nice to get outside and play!

Here is Ady playing with the wiffle ball bat!

She is trying to get the concept of throwing the ball in the air and hitting it but instead she throws the ball into the bat! She thinks she's hitting it and has a blast!

Baseball bat and baby doll stroller! Multitasker :)

Ava and Adylyn

Ady getting her babies all tucked in!