Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coloring Easter eggs...

My family has colored Easter eggs since as long as I can remember. And we still look forward to it! We did this on Saturday night because it was the first night that everyone was home and could get together to do it. I just love getting together to do this. It's so much fun. We are so blessed to be close to my side of the family so Ady can experience these things. I still remember them from my childhood and I hope she does too. Ady enjoyed it this year! She liked putting the eggs in the dye and then putting stickers on them later. The "Big Kids" like it even more I think!!!
Here's Ady and Nana putting stickers on some eggs! Ryan putting glitter on an egg!

Ady, Nana, Chris, Mike, Jessi, and Reese
Nana, Chris, Reese, and Jessi

Reese, Jessi, and Ryan

Ady and Nana
Jessi and Reese. Reese thought the eggs were balls! He actually threw one of them!

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