Monday, April 12, 2010

Outdoor Fun!

Saturday we went out with Bubba to shoot. It had been so long since I shot guns! But I still got it! I hit the bullseye many times! After all I was taught by the best. There are facts about my G-Pa George and his shooting ability that I probably shouldn't post on here! It was really windy out and I couldn't keep my arms steady so I used the door to the pickup to help keep me steady! I really really want a hand gun so hopefully I can go shoot one here soon so I know whether or not I really want one! We also threw out some fishing poles and did a little fishing! We caught quite a few little mudcat! I think Mike and Cody had a better time walking around the pond stirring up bullfrogs and shooting them! It was a great day! So glad we got to spend some time with Bubba and do a shooting and fishing! She wanted to hold her pole the whole time! Man, I'm so glad she enjoys this! It would be really hard on me if she didn't! And Bubba can't wait to get Adylyn and Reese their first guns!
I think they were shooting at bullfrogs here!
Hollywood and Momma!

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  1. I'm praying for Cody and all of you! God is amazing and he takes care of all of us! Praying that he takes away the pain and that he makes good progress!