Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Morning

It's taken me longer than I intended to get these pictures up from our Easter weekend. I've had tons of homework and Mike's been gone for the week working. We had such a wonderful weekend and I took TONS of pictures. I've split up the weekend into different posts because there are tons of pictures. This weekend was s special. God has once again blessed us beyond belief! We spent the weekend with our families and we couldn't ask for anything more. Easter is such a special time, I love it! Adylyn got a picnic table, lawn mower, and a basket full of crackers, cookies, and juice. She also got a Toy Story grocery bag. It was the cheapest and I think her favorite!
Reese and Ady with his grill! Pushing her lawn mower inside with her grocery bag!
Reese and Ryan with his fishing pole the Easter Bunny brought him!
It may still be a little big!

Playing with Reese's new grill. Aunt Jessi, Reese, and Adylyn playing Easter morning.

Aunt Jessi and Reese reading a book.

He loves reading books period but he really loves book about animals and the noises they make! He cracks up!
Reading his book.

Here she is sitting at her picnic table! She wanted these Animal Crackers so bad!

And wanted her juice NOW!

Such a serious look!

Checking everything out!

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