Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ady's got something to tell you.....

Ady's right! She's going to be a big sister! I am almost 11 weeks along. I am due around February 24, 2011. If you ask Ady will tell you that she is having a baby sister. She has already named the baby 'Peanut'! She said the baby has to have a name!

I have been really tired and worn out. I get sick to my stomach quite a bit but I think the last few days I have felt a little better. Hopefully, it's almost over. I can already tell this pregnancy is completely different from Adylyn's. I am already starting to show and hardly any of my jeans and shorts fit me. So I've been in dresses and sweats!

Mike and I actually found out on Father's Day that I was expecting. I was just a week late but I just knew I was pregnant, so I took a test to confirm. We only told our immediate families. I have had 2 of my closest friends go through miscarriages and Mike and I didn't want to put ourselves through the pain of having to tell everyone I wasn't if I were to miscarry. I have gone to the doctor and everything looks great.

Please say a prayer for me and the baby and also for Adylyn to adjust well! I will keep you posted on how we are doing.


Ady has had her first VBS experience this year! She's really still too young to go but since this is our church and I'm helping with it she can go! She has had to get up earlier than usual so she's been getting a little cranky towards the end. She loves craft time, snack time, and singing songs. Today she actually got into doing the motions with the songs we sang!
The first day they made necklaces. Ady had a blast. Here she is showing her necklace off! Making her masterpiece!
Being the Cowgirl!
Getting toilet papered!

We Won Something! Yay!!!

Jennifer over at Life With the Lebedas had a Peter Rabbit Organics giveaway. I really wanted to win this because I'm always looking for snacks for Ady that don't have added sugar and are good for you. I'll admit it, we are snacky people and Adylyn snacks all day long. She loves the way these taste and I love that now I can give her something that is healthy for her.

Here she is showing off her new snack! Yum Yum! And I don't have to worry about her spilling these!

I could not believe how many came in the box. I honestly thought I'd open the box and was hoping for one of each flavor. But there are 1o in there! Ady likes her better cold but they don't have to be chilled to eat.

I really think the next time I am in Babies R' Us I will be picking up some of these! Thanks Jennifer!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rain and Racing!

We had a great weekend! Our fun actually started Thursday. Ava is back home with her Daddy right now so GiGi brought her over to play with Adylyn. Aunt Linda came to town with Jessi and Reese and Nana, Bubba, Nessa, and Jax came over too. It was so good to see Ady, Ava, and Reese play together. We have missed her. Friday I wasn't feeling so well so Ady and I didn't do too much during the day. I didn't feel like cooking so we went to Los Potros for dinner. Saturday we had plans to go to the Demolition Derby in Caldwell, Ks. They are a blast! I have grown up around dirt track racing. Been going all my life. 2 years ago was my first demolition derby to attend! It was definitely different and a different class of people but we laughed the whole time! Cody brought his boat over so him and Mike could work on it. They are having some problems with the shifting linkage. While they were out working on the boat a storm came in. It had some pretty big lightning and thunders! It was still raining by the time we needed to head to Caldwell for the derby but we just didn't want to sit out in the rain, especially with the kiddos. So we made a command decision (actually Cody and Mike did) and decided to grill out steaks and watch it rain! Jessi, Ryan, and Reese came up (their A/C was broken) and ate with us and stayed the night. The guys played Tiger Woods golf and we hung out around the house.

Let me start out with this pic! Who says Toy Story is for boys?! This little girl LOVES her Buzz and Woody. Ady has never seen an episode of Dora or Diego. Not that I won't let her but she doesn't care. She won't sit and watch ANYTHING but Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

Here is Reese, Ady, and Ava playing.

Does this tell you how much fun they were having!

Sunday was the day I've been looking forward to for a few weeks! RACE DAY! We all got up bright and early to go to Sunday school. Mike teaches the high school class and I teach the toddler class. I love it. They are so much fun! Jessi and Reese go now so that makes it even better! After church we came home, ate lunch and took naps. Nana called and said she made homeade chicken and noodles. I was excited. That is one of my FAVORITE meals! She made butt rolls and mashed potatoes too. We went over and ate an early supper then headed to the race track! I was so happy to be going to watch Greg race. We were threatened by rain a few times and it sprinkled on us for a little bit but that didn't stop us! I love to watch Greg race. He truly is a natural at what he does.

Here is Becky, Greg's wife, and Brinley, their baby girl. Vanessa and Jax, Adylyn and I, and Jessi and Reese. These are the babies in our family! Christmas's are going to be so much fun! Jessi and I have grown up at the race track and I miss going every week!

Reese LOVED watching the cars! He's such a little boy!

Here's Greg coming onto the track for his heat race.

He finished 2nd in his heat race and 6th in the feature. Pretty good night for there being around 25 modifieds there!

This was Ady's face when she realized Greg was out there on the track! She waved at him and cheered him on. The noise bothers her a little bit but I'll make a race girl out of her yet! She was awake and clapping when Greg's feature started but about halfway through I looked down and she was fast asleep on my lap! That's a start! If she can sleep during the races then I think I'll get her whipped into shape in no time!!!! Not only were we at the race track to watch our favorite race car driver but we were there with such great family and friends!
Next weekend we are ALL headed to the lake for the WHOLE weekend. We are roughing it for 3 days! I'm so excited! I hope it goes smoothly with a 2 year old, a 16 month old, and a 7 week old!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Snickerdoodle Fun!

Yesterday there was a circus in town. I guess you can call it a circus. I didn't want to be the bad parent and not take Ady and let her enjoy her first circus. But after driving by and hearing what other parents thought I'm glad I chose not to take (expose) Ady to that! We'll just do something fun during the State Fair! So instead we decided to stay at home and make snickerdoodles. I got the recipe from my neighbor Laura. She said they were awesome so I just had to try them! Adylyn loves to help out in the kitchen so I figured this would be a fun project for us. Now that I'm looking at these pictures I realize I didn't put on her apron that Grandma Sheri got for Ady. She's usually johnny on the spot about it! But as you can see by the Cheese Nips box on the counter she was a little pre-occupied!
Here she is pouring the sugar into the bowl. This picture cracks me up because look closely.....alot of it didn't make it into the mixer!!!
Posing with her messy area! We had to have snacks while we made cookies!!!
My goofy little girl! Notice the flour on the forehead! HaHa
She decided to get her hands in the sugar!

Testing out her cookies! That's all she wanted for supper!
And here are the finished projects. I made them too big so they didn't get as thick as I wanted to but now I know for future reference. They were very good and pretty easy to make!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Day with Jax

Yesterday Vanessa called me and asked if I would watch Jax for her and Cody while they took the new boat out and tested her for bugs! I quickly said "You bet"! First of all you better get that boat ready for us because in just a few short weeks we'll be on that baby soaking up some sun! Second of all, I can't resist time being spent with this little guy!

Jax's day pretty much consisted of eating and sleeping but we had a great time! Ady loves to help take care of him. She really is a big help!
Here is the little chunky monkey! Adylyn and Jax
Enjoying his paci!

Oh..Big Yawn! Must be time for another nap!

Oh and I love his onesie! "Rad like Dad"! The lightning bolt is what makes the shirt, his Dad and electricity!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Landscaping and a boat...

We have had another busy weekend. Friday Mike was off so we spent the day in Enid getting tons of things we needed from Wal-Mart. I do not like going to that place so I usually have a pretty long list when I do go! We figured since we were already in Enid we should go ahead and go grocery shopping and take advantage of the lower prices and tons of produce. Needless to say we came home with a car load!

Saturday we got up and did alot around the house. Mike got the oil changed in his truck and the air filters changed in both the car and truck. Got the pool vaccumed out and the yard mowed. Cody bought a boat Friday so he came over and we cleaned it up a little. This was all before noon!! After we sweat our hiney's off we got cleaned up and Mike and I headed to Wichita to eat at Texas Roadhouse for my birthday and go to Lowe's and Home Depot to get what we needed to landscape our front yard. Texas Roadhouse was yummy as always! We also got what we needed to redo Adylyn's bedroom. We are going to start to decorate and paint and redo some things in our house. We have been in it since November so I think it's about time!!! We got home from Wichita before it got dark so we decided to go ahead and get going on the yard. Jessi and Ryan came up after Ryan got off work and helped out a little.
Here are some before and after pictures of our front yard.

And After! I think it looks quite good!!!

And here is Cody's boat. I think he might name her the Mustang. She has a Mach 1 decal on the back so of course Mustang is fitting! I can't wait to hit the lake with her!
Adylyn trying on her life jacket to make sure it fits!

We finished up the yard around 9:30 at night and the mosquitos were horrible! Cody had come over so we sat and had a few beers then headed over to the Foster's next door for some swimming and pool pong. We ended up staying over there until after midnight. Adylyn and Reese had a blast swimming at night.
Sunday we got up for sunday school and church and we had a potluck afterwards. Oh man was it yummy! I LOVE potlucks at our church. We sure do have some ladies that can cook! After church we came home and got in the swimming pool! There is nothing like a day in the pool with some of my favorite people, Mike, Ady, Jessi, Ryan, Reese, and Bubba! Then it was nap time! The kiddos were wiped out! Nana cooked some burgers on the grill Sunday evening and my weekend ended with Big Brother!
I had a wonderful weekend and can't wait for the next 2. They are going to be full of fun! I am anxious for what this week holds. Stay tuned for further posts from the Hammons'!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our weekend..

Friday was Medford's Fun Fest. Each year they have turtle races. We got lucky and found Ady a turtle on Wednesday right in front of our garage door! Friday morning we opened the door to check on it and it was gone! He escaped the day of the race! So we ended up not having a turtle for Ady to race. We went out to the airport anyways and ate some yummy food from the fire department. Fun Fest is always a good time to socialize. Alot of people this was theirfirst time to see Cody Joe since he returned home from the hospital. We hung out at the airport for a while then headed back into town to watch the fireworks. Since Ady got tubes put in her ears they have bothered her this year. So being in town to watch them they weren't as loud. They were actually pretty good too.

Reese, Jax, Ady, and Jessi. Again. Notice they are all looking in different directions. We haven't been able to get a good pic of all 3 of them yet!
Our 3 kiddos!
Reese hugging on Jax!
Reese and Ady in their wagon!

Here are a few videos of Reese and Ady wrestling. They crack us up!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

For real this time....

OK. The last time I posted something I said that I was going to get back into the swing of things and start blogging again. I don't think I've blogged since then!! OOPS! It's summertime and all Ady and I want to do is get our chores done in the morning and be outside all day long and swim.

Adylyn had surgery June 23rd to remove her tonsils and adenoids and put tubes in. She couldn't swim for a week and then the weather got rainy and yucky so we haven't been able to swim much in the last couple of weeks. We are loosing our tans!!! Adylyn has recovered amazingly! Just a few times at night has she told me her throat hurt her. She's such a trooper! She is back on her regualr diet now. Hopefully she gains back her weight she lost after surgery. Everyone knows she doesn't have any to lose!

We have been enjoying our time with the new baby Jax (my nephew). He's just so precious!

Adylyn has gotten so darn smart here lately. She recognizes her numbers and most of her letters. She can say her ABC's but don't ask her to tell them to you! You have to catch her off guard or say them with her. She is getting really good at puzzles too. I can't believe my little baby girl is growing up so fast. She is alot of fun though! And man is she independent! Won't ask for help at any time!!

If I tried to catch up all that I haven't blogged about we'd be here forever! So I'll just start keeping on top of it!
Here is a video of Adylyn reading!