Thursday, July 29, 2010

We Won Something! Yay!!!

Jennifer over at Life With the Lebedas had a Peter Rabbit Organics giveaway. I really wanted to win this because I'm always looking for snacks for Ady that don't have added sugar and are good for you. I'll admit it, we are snacky people and Adylyn snacks all day long. She loves the way these taste and I love that now I can give her something that is healthy for her.

Here she is showing off her new snack! Yum Yum! And I don't have to worry about her spilling these!

I could not believe how many came in the box. I honestly thought I'd open the box and was hoping for one of each flavor. But there are 1o in there! Ady likes her better cold but they don't have to be chilled to eat.

I really think the next time I am in Babies R' Us I will be picking up some of these! Thanks Jennifer!!!!


  1. Yea!! :) Im so glad she likes them! :) You are so welcome! Congrats on winning them!

  2. Oh I was going to tell you they sell them at Starbucks too!