Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our weekend..

Friday was Medford's Fun Fest. Each year they have turtle races. We got lucky and found Ady a turtle on Wednesday right in front of our garage door! Friday morning we opened the door to check on it and it was gone! He escaped the day of the race! So we ended up not having a turtle for Ady to race. We went out to the airport anyways and ate some yummy food from the fire department. Fun Fest is always a good time to socialize. Alot of people this was theirfirst time to see Cody Joe since he returned home from the hospital. We hung out at the airport for a while then headed back into town to watch the fireworks. Since Ady got tubes put in her ears they have bothered her this year. So being in town to watch them they weren't as loud. They were actually pretty good too.

Reese, Jax, Ady, and Jessi. Again. Notice they are all looking in different directions. We haven't been able to get a good pic of all 3 of them yet!
Our 3 kiddos!
Reese hugging on Jax!
Reese and Ady in their wagon!

Here are a few videos of Reese and Ady wrestling. They crack us up!

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