Thursday, July 22, 2010

Snickerdoodle Fun!

Yesterday there was a circus in town. I guess you can call it a circus. I didn't want to be the bad parent and not take Ady and let her enjoy her first circus. But after driving by and hearing what other parents thought I'm glad I chose not to take (expose) Ady to that! We'll just do something fun during the State Fair! So instead we decided to stay at home and make snickerdoodles. I got the recipe from my neighbor Laura. She said they were awesome so I just had to try them! Adylyn loves to help out in the kitchen so I figured this would be a fun project for us. Now that I'm looking at these pictures I realize I didn't put on her apron that Grandma Sheri got for Ady. She's usually johnny on the spot about it! But as you can see by the Cheese Nips box on the counter she was a little pre-occupied!
Here she is pouring the sugar into the bowl. This picture cracks me up because look closely.....alot of it didn't make it into the mixer!!!
Posing with her messy area! We had to have snacks while we made cookies!!!
My goofy little girl! Notice the flour on the forehead! HaHa
She decided to get her hands in the sugar!

Testing out her cookies! That's all she wanted for supper!
And here are the finished projects. I made them too big so they didn't get as thick as I wanted to but now I know for future reference. They were very good and pretty easy to make!

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