Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ady's got something to tell you.....

Ady's right! She's going to be a big sister! I am almost 11 weeks along. I am due around February 24, 2011. If you ask Ady will tell you that she is having a baby sister. She has already named the baby 'Peanut'! She said the baby has to have a name!

I have been really tired and worn out. I get sick to my stomach quite a bit but I think the last few days I have felt a little better. Hopefully, it's almost over. I can already tell this pregnancy is completely different from Adylyn's. I am already starting to show and hardly any of my jeans and shorts fit me. So I've been in dresses and sweats!

Mike and I actually found out on Father's Day that I was expecting. I was just a week late but I just knew I was pregnant, so I took a test to confirm. We only told our immediate families. I have had 2 of my closest friends go through miscarriages and Mike and I didn't want to put ourselves through the pain of having to tell everyone I wasn't if I were to miscarry. I have gone to the doctor and everything looks great.

Please say a prayer for me and the baby and also for Adylyn to adjust well! I will keep you posted on how we are doing.


  1. Awh! How sweet and CONGRATS!! :) I'm so excited for both of you!

  2. That's Great ! So happy for you! [P.S. the image you have in photobucket for your background isn't working :(]

  3. I am so glad you finally made it public! I can't keep a secret very long!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! SOOOO happy for you all! Ady will make the best big sister!