Monday, August 2, 2010

Camping Trip 2010!

Friday afternoon we set out and headed to Kaw Lake for a long weekend of camping, fishing, and boating. Cody, Vanessa, Ady, and I left around noon and went over and got our stuff set up and then we headed out and set our jug lines. By the time we got back to our campsite my dad, Kim, and Shayla had made it and were getting their stuff set up. Soon Mike followed from Wichita and Jessi, Ryan, and Reese got there around 9. I am so glad my parents taught us to enjoy what the good Lord made. We all LOVE to be outside and we all love to camp out and 'rough' it! I'm so glad I'm not high maintenance because there's no way I could have survived this weekend if I was! It was very very hot but we made the best of it and we were on the water pretty much all day Saturday tubing and swimming.

We didn't bring anything to eat for Saturday night because we planned on catching our dinner and having a fish fry. It was a success! The sand bass were biting and we got a few big blue's off our jugs. I just love waking up with the sun and cooking eggs and bacon on the campfire! I'm exhausted today but I think it was all worth it! We had a wonderful time with the family and can't wait to do it again. I definitely know it won't be during one of the hottest weekends of the year!
Ady didn't seem to like being on a boat. She was fine if we were moving. Actually, she fell asleep everytime we took off but when we were stopped she didn't like the movement. Not sure if it made her sick or just scared. We definitely have to get her over that. She did better in my dad's Champion bass boat then Bubba's boat. Not sure why! I guess going 65 on the water was better than going 40! She loved to be in the water though! Reese loved the weekend too! He seemed to love the boat and water! He's such a trooper. I've got quite a few pictures so hopefully you don't get too bored. Sorry about the overload! We just had way to much fun!
Reese and Ryan keeping the fire going so we can cook breakfast.

My battle wound from the weekend. My ribs are killing me!

Reese, Bubba, and Papa Chris cleaning fish. Reese stood and watched for a long time. It was cute!
Ady and Reese wrestling! Even out in the wild they still find time to roll around!
Jessi lighting the tiki torches.
Shayla, Vanessa, and Ryan taking showers in the faucet. The showers at the campground were scolding hot.
Reese put his juice in the koozy all by himself! Everyone else was drinking out of one so he thought he should too!
Jessi's turn for a wash off!
Kim and Shayla checking out the view!
Mike and Ady on the boat. Ady fell asleep almost everytime we took off.
Dad driving the Champion.
Ady conked out again!
One of our catches!
Dad and Mike
Ady and her sun hat!

Another catch!
Kim, Ady, Shayla, and Dad
This is probably right after Shayla got hit with a shad!
I think this is Vanessa tubing.
Ady and Mike cooling off!
I will post more pics tomorrow!

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