Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Roudup..

Our weekend was another busy one. Friday Mike and I continued to work in Ady's room. I can't wait to put up my post showing you how it turned out! It's so cute. We are still waiting on her bed and we haven't finished the dresser yet. Hopefully in the next few weeks it will be completely finished. Then it's on to project #2!! We are so exhausted though. We need a bit of a break. Mike doesn't get home until between 6 and 7 and we hurry and eat dinner then it's off to working in Adylyn's room til 9 or 10. I'm worn out!!

I've told you before that Adylyn doesn't watch T.V. The only thing she will sit and watch is her Toy Story movies. Well the last few weeks she has been loving Sesame Street. I love it because it's educational and she picks up so much from it.
Here she is taking a break from swaddling her baby I'm sure to watch Sesame Street. What you can't see if that she is wearing her patent black leather shoes and no pants. She is into dressing herself and putting on every pair of shoes she owns throughout the day! Saturday, Mike went out to the golf course early to get a round in. We've had some problems with our pump for our pool so when he got back from golfing he went out and fixed the pool. It was already so hot! Jessi and Ryan came up and helped get ALOT done with Adylyn's room. They got the trim put back up and Jessi and I got that repainted.

Cody and Vanessa went to the river to do some fishing so Jax stayed with Aunt Jen and Aunt Jessi. We had a house full and still managed to get some work done. Well, Mike and Ryan did most of the work!
Here's Reese playing Wac-A-Mole. He was hilarious. He went to town on these guys. Ady loves this game and it's definitely teaching her hand-eye coordination and quickening her reflexes.

Ady loves puzzles. It amazes me how well she does them. Aunt Jessi brought her some more and here they are trying to figure them out.

I just LOVE this picture! Reese, Jax, and Ady. All we need is Brinley! They are alot of fun!
Saturday evening we took Jessi and Ryan to eat since they helped us out with Ady's room. We went to Blackwell and ate at Los Potros. It's a Mexican restaurant and probably our favorite. It's mine anyways. I am craving Mexican food right now! We had to run to Wal-Mart to grab a few things and on our way home we drove through the scariest wind and dust storm.
Sunday we got up for Sunday School and Church. Mike and Ryan got the chair rail put up in Ady's room after lunch and Jessi, Reese, Ady, and I took naps. Sunday evening we headed to the racetrack to watch Greg race. It was a crazy night and I'm still shocked there wasn't a full moon! Greg got 2nd in his heat and 4th in the feature. He was really fast and looked good! Jessi made shirts for Reese and Ady and I didn't get a picture of them. They are really cute shirts and I am mad I didn't get a pic. I'll get one the next race.
Ady and I are playing catch up around the house trying to get some things done. I go back to the doctor tomorrow (Wednesday) and I'm taking Ady with me. She's really excited. She'll tell you that we are going to the doctor to check and make sure peanut is growing good!
Thursday Cody goes to the city for his Neuropsych test. This test will determine if Cody's brain has healed and he is safe to return to work. Please keep him in your prayers. Please pray that God has healed Cody.
Another prayer request, Jake Kilian goes in for reconstructive surgery at 2pm this afternoon. It will last 5-7 hours. Please pray for a safe surgery and quick recovery for Jake. Also keep his medical team in your prayers too. I pray for his family. That God will grant them the patience and comfort they need while they wait through Jake's surgery. I know God has had Jake in his arms and he will again today.

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