Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday weekend!

Friday when Mike got off work we headed for Fort Cobb to spend the weekend. Mike's youngest sister Danielle turns 'Sweet 16' Sunday! I can't believe she is that old. She is growing up way too fast! She is a Sophomore in high school and an extremely good athlete on the softball and basketball teams. She is also a very good aunt! Adylyn has so much fun with her!

Danielle, you are an amazing young lady with a heart of gold. I know you will succeed in whatever you do because you are so in love with the Lord. You are a great role model for Adylyn. You are growing up way to fast but we look forward to watching you grow into a more beautiful woman. We love you very much and are glad we got to spend this special day with you!

When we got to Fort Cobb Friday evening Haley and Danielle had just finished up a couple softball games and met us at Danny and Sheri's house. There was a suprise waiting for Danielle when she got home!

Meet Molly! She is so cute and cuddly! Danielle was so excited!

Saturday, Haley and Danielle played in a festival in Velma. The heat really bothers me so Alesha, Addee, Adylyn, and I stayed at Pa and Grandma Sheri's for the day while Mike, Nate, Pa, and Grandma Sheri went and watched the softball games. The girls play really well together and have a blast so it was nice to let them have a day with no schedule, just play time!!
Here they are being silly and playing around!
Addee Marie and Adylyn Jane!

Haley and Danielle won both their games on Saturday. They came home really sunburned and exhausted so I'm really glad Adylyn and I didn't go. After the girls had showered and we ate dinner Danielle opened up her presents from Danny and Sheri.

She got a new golf glove
And a Boston Hat!

Sunday Danny, Mike, Nate, and Danielle got up early and went golfing. When they got home we left for Edmond. Mike's Aunt Vicki and Uncle Ted live in Edmond and have a swimming pool so Danielle wanted everyone to get together for a swimming party and Vicki invited us all into her home. Everyone was there. It was awesome! It doesn't happen very often where we all get together and everyone can make it. Since we have all grown there is always someone who can't make it. It was a great day spent with great family.

Adylyn and Grandma Sheri

Adylyn and Pa

Adylyn and her Daddy!

Me and my baby girl! I love her more and more each day! She makes everything worth doing!

Adylyn and Danielle. I think she was tired of 'cheesing'!

Ady and Uncle Nate
Austin and Ady. We hadn't seen Austin in FOREVER! It was good to spend the day with him and catch up!
Here's our ladybug!! Her hair is so stinkin curly! I love it!

Aunt Haley, Ady, and Aunt Danielle

Here's most of the crew swimming around.
Aunt Debi and Adylyn!
Aunt Vicki, Aunt Debi, Adylyn, and Grandma Sheri!

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