Monday, July 19, 2010

Landscaping and a boat...

We have had another busy weekend. Friday Mike was off so we spent the day in Enid getting tons of things we needed from Wal-Mart. I do not like going to that place so I usually have a pretty long list when I do go! We figured since we were already in Enid we should go ahead and go grocery shopping and take advantage of the lower prices and tons of produce. Needless to say we came home with a car load!

Saturday we got up and did alot around the house. Mike got the oil changed in his truck and the air filters changed in both the car and truck. Got the pool vaccumed out and the yard mowed. Cody bought a boat Friday so he came over and we cleaned it up a little. This was all before noon!! After we sweat our hiney's off we got cleaned up and Mike and I headed to Wichita to eat at Texas Roadhouse for my birthday and go to Lowe's and Home Depot to get what we needed to landscape our front yard. Texas Roadhouse was yummy as always! We also got what we needed to redo Adylyn's bedroom. We are going to start to decorate and paint and redo some things in our house. We have been in it since November so I think it's about time!!! We got home from Wichita before it got dark so we decided to go ahead and get going on the yard. Jessi and Ryan came up after Ryan got off work and helped out a little.
Here are some before and after pictures of our front yard.

And After! I think it looks quite good!!!

And here is Cody's boat. I think he might name her the Mustang. She has a Mach 1 decal on the back so of course Mustang is fitting! I can't wait to hit the lake with her!
Adylyn trying on her life jacket to make sure it fits!

We finished up the yard around 9:30 at night and the mosquitos were horrible! Cody had come over so we sat and had a few beers then headed over to the Foster's next door for some swimming and pool pong. We ended up staying over there until after midnight. Adylyn and Reese had a blast swimming at night.
Sunday we got up for sunday school and church and we had a potluck afterwards. Oh man was it yummy! I LOVE potlucks at our church. We sure do have some ladies that can cook! After church we came home and got in the swimming pool! There is nothing like a day in the pool with some of my favorite people, Mike, Ady, Jessi, Ryan, Reese, and Bubba! Then it was nap time! The kiddos were wiped out! Nana cooked some burgers on the grill Sunday evening and my weekend ended with Big Brother!
I had a wonderful weekend and can't wait for the next 2. They are going to be full of fun! I am anxious for what this week holds. Stay tuned for further posts from the Hammons'!

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