Monday, February 7, 2011

Bubba's cooking, guns, and Superbowl

Saturday Cody cooked us dinner. He grilled out poek tenderloin, steak, and chicken breast. It was all soooo yummy! I love getting to spend time with everyone. Grandpa George and Darlene were not able to make it to the shower. I think Grandpa's phone call went something like this "I've got horses everywhere!!!!" So he needed to stay and fix fence! Cody ended up going over and helping gather up the horses and fixing fence. But Grandpa and Darlene drove over to give us their gift for Logan and to have dinner with us. It was a perfect evening.

Chris has a toy shotgun that he got from Atwoods that makes the firing sound and the end of the barrel lights up. If you load it, it will actually kick out a shell! Ady has shot it before and LOVES it! She can actually pull the trigger back. She has a toy bottle cap pistol but her trigger finger isn't strong enough to pull it back.

Bubba got down and was showing her how to look through the scope and shoot it properly. Moments like this I will cheris forever. Just 10 months ago we thought we would never have moments like this. Ady loves her Bubba and I love that he can teach her things like this. He can't wait to get Ady and Reese there own guns (I can't either)! I should have got a picture of the man sitting behind them (Grandpa George). He was beaming! Grinning ear to ear!
Reese didn't really know what to think about this at first! But he's interested now!!!

Now he's ready! He cracked us up! His facial expressions when he'd pull the trigger and hear it fire we priceless. Of course I didn't get a picture of that! Ha
Look out!!! He was shooting the cats on the TV at one point! Lol

Sunday Mike had to work so we got up and got ready for church. Then it was naptime! Ryan and I started watching the Pregame stuf around 1:30 I think! Mom, Chris, Bubba, Nessa, Jax, Jessi, Ryan, and Reese were all over for the game. We had brats, burgers, and dogs. We had a good time laughing at the commercials and making bets on the game!
At one point Jax was trying to climb up my leg. So I picked him up and he strained his head to look at Ady's car. All he wanted was to drive the Cozy Coupe! I stuck him in there and put him in the living room and he was perfectly content!

Ady and Reese eating dinner. Reese was getting sick so he didn't want much to do with dinner. Ady ate half a hamburger!!!! That's very good for her! If it's not chicken she usually doesn't want much to do with it. I think she may be going through a growth spurt because she's been eating alot more these last few days.

We are preparing for yet again another round of snow. Hopefully we don't have the arrival of Logan during that time!! I have been getting caught up on laundry and housework while Ady has been very busy changing her babies diapers every 10 minutes! We hope everyone stays warm and safe this week.

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