Monday, February 14, 2011

Bowling with the Royals

Saturday morning we headed into Enid before noon so Mike could give blood and I could get my hair trimmed. Nana was there getting her hair trimmed and colored too! After all that fun stuff it was lunch time with the Royal's!! Lindsey (I went to high school with her) cuts my hair and her and Nana told Ady that when I am in the hospital with Logan that Nana will bring her in and let Lindsey cut her hair and paint her fingernails! She's so excited!!! She reminds me everyday!!!

After lunch we headed out to shop. We shopped all afternoon long!! I wasn't objected to this because I want to do all the walking I can! For dinner we ate at Western Sizzlin then it was time to go bowling! I didn't tell Ady we were going until Friday because I knew she'd ask me about it non stop! She loves to bowl! She bowled 2 full games. In the past she has gotten bored with it pretty close to the end of the first game. I bowled one game hoping to get this little man a moving!! No luck!! We always have a great time with Jessi, Ryan, and Reese. We are so blessed to have them close and have such great friends in them. I love that Ady and Reese are growing up together. They are so excited to see each other when we first get together. Then by the end of the day they are fighting like brother and sister!!!

We had a great day in what we hope was the last weekend of Ady being an only child! I asked her on the way home if she had fun and she said she did and then was asleep in about 5 minutes!!

Reese watching his ball! I love this picture! We get asked all the time if they are brother and sister! Jessi had them both in a buggy at Ross on Saturday and they were making what sounded like howling noises. You could hear them all throughout the store. Jessi was quite embarrassed because you know everybody thought they were both hers!!!

Mike and Ady!

I love the bowling alley in Enid. I think they have 35 or so lanes and it never costs us more than $20 bowl for all 3 of us to bowl 2 games.

Is it a strike!?

After we bowled it was time to hit the game room! I think the Dad's enjoy this part just as much!

Playing some Skee Ball!

Trying to hit the jackpot!

Ady wanted to ride the little carousel.

Having a blast!

Reese didn't quite know what to think about it at first!

Sunday we went to church and then had a soup lunch afterwards for Valentine's Day. It was so yummy! We've never had a potluck that wasn't though!! We had a soup drive for our local food pantry and from the stacks of soup that I seen it looks like it was pretty successful!
Today is Valentine's Day! Being broke college kids Mike and I were never really able to go out and do anything each year. We always did the cards and just fixed dinner at home. I got flowers every now and then but I'd rather just have the quality time that we spent together. I still have all my cards and the handmade ones that Mike made me. He always wrote me a letter to go with it. I can't wait to pull those back out in 50 years! Ady has made this holiday even more special. I don't really look at Valentine's Day as just for couples anymore. I look at it as a holiday where you show all those you love just how much you love them. And that's how I've explained to Ady what Valentine's Day is. Tonight we plan to have a steak dinner, exchange the cards we made for each other, and eat chocolate covered strawberries! We just might do it under candlelight! I hope everyone has a blessed Valentine's Day with the ones you love. We are busy this morning getting laundry caught up and other things around the house just in case Logan decides to join us!!

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