Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day and Dr.'s appt

Monday we celebrated Valentine's Day the 3 of us as a family! Ady and I had PB & J's for lunch and we cut them in the shape of hearts! Now everytime we make any sort of sandwich it has to be cut in the shape of a heart!! We did a little bit of housework during the day and then we got ready for supper. Dad grilled out steaks and we made baked potatoes, corn, and salad. Ady loves baked potatoes! And I could eat steak every.single.night.!!!! For dessert Ady and I dipped strawberries, marshmellows, and graham craskers in chocolate. YUMMY!!! She's definitely like her momma and will eat chocolate at any time and pretty much on anything!
I didn't get a picture but Dad came home with some roses for Ady and I. She was so excited to get her own flowers!! She wanted him to put them in her room so her room would smell good! He got her some sweettart hearts and a Princess card that sings. The other day we asked her if she was a princess and she said "Well I don't have my dress on right now"! We told her she was our princess no matter what she had on!!
We had a great evening spending time together as a family!
Tuesday I had to take Ady into the dr. She has been fighting a runny nose and started to get a cough. Her eyes also started getting red and matty. With Logan coming anytime I didn't want her to have anything contagious and not be able to hold him. The medicine I was giving her was helping but we got her a Zpack just to help out. I also had an appt to check my progress. I am still only at a 1. Logan is going to be about the size of Ady. Ady had a small, pretty, round head. When Dr. checks me Logan's head still bobbles around a little. It hasn't locked into my pelvis. He is puzzled that I am still carrying him so high. This baffles me because I am carrying him so much lower than what I carried Ady! I go back Tuesday. My dr is leaving town on Friday so if I haven't Logan by Tuesday then we will discuss induction. Tomorrow is my due date and there is a full moon. I have been very active around the house and going for walks with Ady everyday. I'm hoping that something happens this weekend! I really really want to go into labor like God intended us women to. My induction with Ady wasn't bad and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I was talking to my BF Heather and she made the point that we will do whatever it takes to get him here. I just continue to pray that however it happens we are blessed with a healthy baby and a safe labor and delivery. I just know I'm done being pregnant!! I'm tired of the burning reflux every night when I go to bed, I'm tired of not being able to wear my own clothes, and I'm tired of not being able to move like I used to. Sorry for the complaining, I'm done now!
Poor Ady probably thinks we are crazy and lying to her about this baby brother! She asked me yesterday "Is he ever going to be here"!

I'm running out of things to clean! I wonder is anyone cleans their blinds and ceiling fans as much as I do! I normally do them once a week but here lately to get me on my feet I've been doing them 2 sometimes 3 times a week!!! Since it's been so nice outside Ady and I have been outside playing around.
I do know that when he does come I will be making signs and posting them in the hospital room and our front door that there is no touching until you have washed your hands!!! There is so much crud going around, the flu, coughs, runny noses. It's everywhere. Last Thursday at my doctors appt I had to go give my urine sample and Mike and Ady went ahead and sat down. Mike told Ady she could go play with the table of toys that they have in there and she turned to him and said "No, they have germs!!" Oops! Maybe I'm creating a little germaphobe! I honestly think I've only said that to her one time. She just remembers things extremely well. But I do have a fear of the toys in doctors offices. GROSS.
Ok my random post is done now. Racing season has begun and the Gatorade Duels are on and it's nap time!

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