Monday, February 7, 2011

New car and baby sprinkle...

Thursday Mike couldn't go to Bob's memorial with us because they were already behind at work from missing days due to the snow storm. Last Saturday Mike and I went to Wichita to shop around for a new car and to use an Olive Garden gift card that we had. We didn't find anything while car shopping. I was being pretty picky and wanted to think about all the possibilities! Well Thursday afternoon Mike called me and said the salesman we worked with had called him with a few vehicles that we might be interested in. So after Mike got off he headed into Wichita to take a look. He didn't get home til really late! They let him drive home an 07 Black Expedition. Friday when Ady and I got up and around we went out to the garage to take a look. I was leary about it cause I didn't want a huge gas gussler that was rougher than all get out! We took it for a drive and I was impressed. So Ady and I headed into Wichita Friday after lunch to meet Mike at the dealership to finalize the deal! Ady loves it because she sits higher and can see out the windows!! We do so much with Jessi and Ryan so I'm glad that we can now take one vehicle instead of 2. We had to kill about 2 hours so they could detail and change the oil and all that stuff. We headed over to Towne East.

Ady wanted to try on sunglasses forever!!!
Saturday we had a baby shower for Logan and I. After the shower Reese came to me and said "look Mike'! He thought he was so funny cause he looked like Mike!!! I had to move his glasses from his night stand cause that was Reese's favorite thing to do for the afternoon! Doesn't he look so cute with his hair cut!?

The shower turned out really great. I had a great time with some amazing friends and family. We missed Heather and Hadlea but because Eastern OK has gotten so much snow and ice they were not able to make it for the weekend. Ady was sad to have missed playtime with H but I explained to her why they couldn't be there. Hopefully soon we'll see them! We got TONS of diapers and wipes! Which is GREAT!!! Ava was there so Ady got to spend some time with her and play a little in the nursery of the church.

The cake! It was yummy!

My wonderful sister and I! I love her so much!

Reese checking things out!

Opening one of my favorite gifts from my Aunt Linda! She got me a pedicure and 30 minute massage! I CAN.NOT. WAIT to use it! It's much needed. Thanks Aunt Linda!

This is another one of my favorite gifts! Aunt Becky made Ady and Logan shirts! I love them and can't wait to see them wear them.

Becky had these for table decorations. They were laying on the tables and I had these little vases so I figured I would use them as decoration in Logan's room!

And another one of my favorite gifts! Gma Jane made this blanket for Logan and then had his name monogrammed on it. I love personalized things for the kids!

These pics are of the girls measuring there strings of yarn to how big they thought my belly was. I was impressed! Almost everybody had it within a inch or so! Except Omo (Ady calls her that) she was way off!

Ava wanted to do it too!

Ady and Brinley! Trying to get a pic of these 2 was quite difficult! LOL

Such a pretty girl!

Aunt Linda got Ady to get in the box my glider (another favorite gift from the hostesses) came in. She pushed her and spun her around! Ady loves her Aunt Linda!

Ady and I with Brinley and Becky! Love these girls!

Brinley, Jax, and Ady playing in the box. The kids got some quality play time after the shower.

Brinley and Jax. Only about 6 weeks apart.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. I still have pictures from Saturday night and Sunday but I'll put that in another post!

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