Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve #1

Christmas Eve was a busy day for us. We did 3 gatherings! First we started out at Dad and Kims.
Here is Reese with his Tonka truck. This is one of the original trucks that is made out of metal! It seems like everything now a days is made of plastic. I think this will last him for quite a while!

Ady with her new baby. This baby came with all the accessories needed to take good care of her!! Not that Adylyn needs any help! She has named this baby Katy June!

Reese in the Christmas spirit! Notice Mike in the background...every single thing that came with that baby was tagged in there at least twice! He had his work cutout for him!

Ady is very imaginitive, VERY! She has her baby and her diaper bag on her back and is going to "the store"! Poor Reese was dragged into this pretend trip! He was such a good sport and did whatever she told him! Watching these 2 is EXACTLY like watching Jessi and Cody at this age! Ady did let Reese carry the keys to the car though!!

This way Reese!!
Katy must have gotten heavy because now Reese is carrying her!

Giving Katy kisses! He's such a sweet boy!
Jax openeing up his presents!

Ok, Let's just eat the paper!

Yum Yum!

He's so close to crawling. I tried to get him on his hands and knees. He gets up and rocks back and forth!

So then Ady and Reese found Kim's wrapping paper and this is what happened!
I think Reese got one on her here!

At it again!

If you can't tell these two are very entertaining!
We had a really good time with Grandpa Chris and Kim. Thank guys for everything!

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