Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning!

Since we have had Ady, Mike and I decided that Christmas day would be spent at home. Not traveling and going place to place. There is no use in getting her stuff from Santa if she can't enjoy her day and play with it. Ady was so much fun with Christmas this year. She understood alot about it and loved counting down the days. She loves the movie The Santa Claus and we still watch it! We got home kinda late Friday night and by the time we got showers taken and story read and Santa's goodies left out it was way past Ady's bedtime! She got up a little before 8 and I think she kinda forgot that Santa would be coming! We had to ask her if she wanted to go see wahat Santa left! She walked in slowly to the living room checking everything out.
Her BIG Santa gift still is not here. This is a bad bad subject with me. It was ordered in plenty of time. All she would say when you asked her what she wanted was a house with a doorbell (a playhouse for the backyard). Hopefully it comes soon or they will have a pregnant hormonal momma on their hands!

She didn't really know where to start!
Sitting with Dad reading her letter from Santa. Santa told her that she has been a really nice girl and he wanted her to have just what she asked for but it wouldn't fit in the sleigh. He will have a special helper deliver it when the elves are finished making it just for Ady. She bought it!

With one of her new jammy sets. She's so excited to be a Big Sister!

Going through some stuff with Dad. Santa brought lots of games this year!

Our oldest child had to check out his stocking!!!

Yeah! A new toy!!!

A toothbrush that sings and an etch-a-sketch in her stocking!

She also wanted a microphone! She loves this show called Sid The Science Kid on PBS and he has a microphone. I think that's where she gets it! She was so excited!

It even lights up!

Ady and Daddy playing with the Etch-A-Sketch!

Max hanging out!

Her words exactly at this moment "I told you we were out of this gum and Santa listened"!!

I don't think she has any OCD tendancies at all!! Everything is in a straight line!

She loves the movie Turner and Hooch! Santa brought her that in her stocking too!

So happy on Christmas!

New dress up clothes!

And a Derby Hat!!

Her new table and chairs for the back porch. Although they haven't been outside yet!

Let's just dump it all out!

Time to open up presents! She got a doll cradle too. She's excited that her baby has a place to sleep like Logan.

New boots!

New tennis shoes!

She loves them!

With another pair of shoes and some clothes! She got 3 or 4 pairs of shoes because her foot has grown 2 sizes in the last few months so I've had to bag up almost all her shoes!

She loves to open presents!

With another jammy set! She loves this one!

Opening more presents!

Showing Dad some of her clothes

Look Mom!

Look Dad!

She got a new pair of Cowboy boots and they are real boots! She can't wait to wear them to the farm!

I need help Mom!

A warm outfit to wear outside!

Concentrating so hard!

A new Dallas Cowboy shirt!

more clothes

Max still playing!!

In her new clothes fixing to head to Nana's!!

Sorry for the picture overload! I didn't realize I had put that many on here. I was uploading pics while cleaning house. I think nesting has set in. Mike doesn't think I ever quit nesting but it's really bad right now! I've cleaned out drawers and even cleaned the stainless steel in the kitchen!
We had a wonderful Christmas and love spending time together as a family! Next year is going to be so different!

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