Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watching squirrels, Brownies, and Adyisms...

We have many squirrels on our street! It seems like there are many in the tree in our front yard and the tree across the street! Max will sit in front of the door pretty much all day watching the neighborhood and occasionally he'll spot a squirrel and get all excited. Well Ady knows what it means when he gets all excited! So there she goes, running to sit at the door with him watching the squirrels play in the front yard.
It cracks me up seeing them sit there! I had to get a picture! Yesterday we made Chicken Tortilla Soup. After the fact I realized I should have taken pictures and showed you the process. It was really good! Next time I make it I will do show you guys! Ady and I decided we needed to make some brownies! I measured everything out for her and she poured it all in and stirred it all by herself. She loves to be in the kitchen! Every meal she is in there with me, on her stool, asking if she can help!
Our little chef!
She did such a good job by herself!
And here she is enjoying the finished product! This picture makes me smile! She is sitting in the chair we have here for Jax and she sharing it with Woody!
Ady has been saying some really funny things lately. I need to write them down as soon as she says them but Mike and I are just laughing too hard at the moment. Saturday night when we got home from Heather's she was so wound up and wanted to play with Mike all night long! She wanted to play with her blocks. So Mike brought them into the living room so he could build with her and also watch football! Well she immediately dumped the whole thing on the floor! This basket has TONS of blocks in it! The living room floor was covered! We just let her play like that as long as she wanted. She had moved on and wasn't playing with the blocks anymore so we told her it was time to clean up. She looked at me and said "I'm going to sit in time-out, I don't want to clean up my blocks"! WHAT!! You can't put yourself in time-out just because you don't want to clean up your mess! She is very witty! Yes, she has been put in time-out before for not cleaning up her mess. Guess I need to find another route of discipline!
Tonight, Mike was talking to Uncle Nate on the phone. He wanted to talk to Ady. So Ady gets on the phone and they chat for a little bit. Nate tells her that he is going to come up and see her soon. She says back "Umm, I'm cooking supper right now"! Sorry Nate you'll have to wait until Ady is done cooking supper!

These are just a couple of the ones that really made us laugh. I hope you got a good laugh too!

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