Monday, October 4, 2010

Deer Stands, Football, and Fun!

I really should break this up into a couple posts. Or I could have just gotten on here and posted after each adventure!!! But I didn't so you guys will probably have a picture overload. Sorry!!

Thursday Bubba called and wanted to know if he could use our backyard to build a deer stand. I said "of course"! Anything to help them get that big buck out there! I love deer steaks and deer jerky! I was going to go out and hunt this year but being pregnant just isn't going to allow it. It bothers me to sit for long periods of time. I can just hear the arguments now "Would you sit still, you're scaring all the deer away"!! The weather was beautiful outside so Ady and I were out there with Cody while he was building. Ady was Cody's little helper for a while!
Ady handing Bubba screws.

Holding a post for him.

All finished and Ady posing with it!

Cody found the blueprint online and got the lumber here in Medford at Liley's. Not bad for a couple hours work! Beats paying hundreds of dollars for one!!

Jax was enjoying being outside for a little bit!

And here she is in her spot! Someone (Cody or Mike) will sit on top and someone else (Cody or Mike) can sit underneath. By the way the ground is SUPER hard!!! I don't suggest any hole digging until we can get some sort of precipitation around here!

Bow season opened up Friday! Cody has been going out every morning and evening. He has been seeing a few bucks and lots of does. Let's hope for the big one!!

Friday we went into Enid and ate dinner with Jessi, Ryan, and Reese. We had to make a Wal-Mart trip and they decided to come up and stay the weekend. We always have a blast with them. I am so blessed to have an amazing sister who is also my best friend!

Saturday morning we got up and got showered and headed over to Blackwell to the grocery store. Mike had a golf tournament so we ran over there while he was out at the golf course. We had big plans to go next door to Fosterville to watch the OU/Texas game! We got all our OU gear on and headed over to spend some with good friends! Chris smoked a brisket (which was amazing) and everybody else brought snack foods. I didn't take my camera over so I don't have pictures but I know Laura will post about it so check over there for pics! Ady loves Chris and Laura and they are so good to her! When Cody was in the hospital I knew I could count on them to help out with Max or anything else around the house.

We had a great time and enjoyed an even better OU win! After the game Jessi, the kiddos, and I went over to Bubba and Nessa's and Mike and Ryan went back to Enid to pick up Mike's long waited TV. He has been cussing and discussing getting one. He has been going back and forth on what brand, size, etc. He did lots of research and finally decided it was time. He's pretty proud of it!

Mike and Ryan getting the TV all set up.

Meanwhile, Ady and Reese had a BLAST with the box!

Ady Jane!
They played with this for a long time!
I will make a seperate post for Sunday. WAY to many pics!!

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