Thursday, October 7, 2010


Wednesday we went to the hospital to get my baseline ultrasound. We were so excited for this and have been waiting so long for it! We went to town pretty early and got Ady and Mike's haircut. Lindsey, a girl I went to high school got them in. They were much overdue!!! Lindsey also made me some homeade rolls and cinnamon rolls! They are amazing! She uses her grandma's recipe and they are some of the best I've ever had! Thanks Lindsey! After we left Lindsey's we went by and said hi to Aunt Jessi! Then we headed over to see Aunt Linda! She took us out to lunch and told us all about her Bora Bora trip she just got back from! Yes, I said she went to Bora Bora! Wouldn't that be amazing! I don't think I would come back home after seeing her pictures!

After lunch it was time to head over to the hospital. They ask you to come with a full bladder and I think that is one of the worst punishments for a pregnant lady!!! When we got all registered and headed over to X-Ray it wasn't long before the Ultrasound tech came and got us. Ady was so excited!!!! As soon as she turned the machine on this little guy had his hiney in the air and legs spread! There was no way that we couldn't have seen the sex even if we didn't want to know!!! Daddy was a little proud!!!! So Dad explained to Ady that we were looking at her Baby Brother and it was going to be a boy. I think she knows now that it is a boy! She went through all the organs and showed us and took pictures for the Dr. She had a very hard time getting a good shot of Little Man's head. He was extremely active and so so low. I almost had to pull my pants down so she could get the wand down there. That's how low he was!!! Yes I knew he was that low!!! She finally was able to get a good couple of pictures of his head, then measured his arms and legs. I love getting to do this. Pregnancy is something that is amazing to me and being able to see inside there just amazes me even more. She showed us the umbilical cord placenta. We got a really good shot of his spine too. Ady goes "I see his teeth, he's smiling at us"!!! She thought his spine was his teeth. I can kinda see where she'd get that! My bladder was so full that I peed 2 times at the hospital!!! I was miserable. Peanut is measuring about a week ahead. Based on my last period I am 19 weeks and 6 days but based on the ultrasound I am 20 weeks and 5 days which makes me due Feb 18. There are LOTS of Feb birthdays so maybe someone will be the lucky winner! He weighed almost 15 ounces. I knew this baby was bigger than Ady was at this age. I don't know how I remember this because I am horrible with numbers but Ady weighed 11 ounces at this time.
Here are the ultrasound pictures they gave us! I had to take a picture of them with my camera. I just didn't want to take the time to hook up the scanner and all that business!!So they aren't as good as looking at them for real.

This first picture is a profile and you can see his arm and hand.

This is obviously his foot! Poor thing looks like he's got his Dad wide feet
And this picture shows peanut in all his glory. This was the first thing we saw and the exact thing we saw as soon as the machine was turned on!!

Another profile pic
I should have retaken this pic to make it closer but I didn't realize it til now. Sorry! This picture Ady thinks he's waving at her!!! His legs are on the left side of the pic and they are crossed at the ankles. Adylyn was the exact same way when we got our ultrasound with her! I love that!
After our appt we had some errands to run. We headed over to Atwoods. I think this is possibly one of Ady's favorite stores!!! They had some Camo on long sleeve thermals on sale. Since Mike will be working outside in the winter we stocked up on some of those! After Atwoods we headed over to Wal-Mart to get Beauty and The Beast! That is my favorite Disney movie and I haven't seen it in forever. I was so excited when I heard it was coming out of the vault. I can't wait for Ady to see it. I had a $10 off coupon so the movie, which is a DVD-Blue Ray Combo, only cost us $14.96!!! I was pretty proud of that deal! We also let Ady pick out a toy since the day was all about Peanut and she was so good for us. She picked out a little lap table that she can color and draw on! After running a few more errands it was time to head home. I was worn out!!!

We had a great day and I'm so glad Mike had the day off and was able to spend it with us. We have another busy weekend!

And here is my belly at 20 weeks now. This picture is horrible. But don't get me started on my camera. It's going downhill fast.


  1. that is so awesome Jenn! I'm so glad your having a boy. The perfect family. :) Glad you enjoyed the rolls. They are quite yummy. Let me now if you want more. This time I won't worry about how many are there I'll just make them they come out way better when I just do it :) lol
    So do you have any names picked out for this little guy?