Thursday, October 21, 2010

Family pics, shopping, and cookout

I'm going to break up the weekend into separate posts. I don't want you to have to much of a picture overload!
Saturday we got up and had family pictures taken here in town. Mom wanted to have pictures done with everybody since Cody will be going back to work here pretty soon. (That will be a seperate post on it's own. I'm gearing up emotionally for that one). After pictures we all went to Caldwell for lunch then us girls headed to Enid to make a Wal-Mart trip. Mike was taking the youth of our church to a youth rally so he left for that and Ryan and Reese stayed home and watched football. It was nice to be able to go just us girls and have some girl time. It was fun!
When we got back from Enid. Cody Joe and Cody Pratt had smoked up a bunch of meat so we went over to the Pratt's for a cookout and a great time. Cody and Jaylynne were in town for the weekend so we spent some time with them. They have moved to Guymon! YAY!!! We are so glad to have them closer than they were! Cody Pratt is a perfect definition of what a friend should be! Cody and Cody have been best friends since they were in the 1st grade I think. When Cody had his accident Cody P drove all the way from the Texas/Mexico border to be with CJ and the family. We are so grateful to Cody and all he's done for CJ. We love him and his family! And Ady thinks they are pretty special too!!!
We ate when we got out there. And it was YUMMY!!! Then we played some horseshoes!

This boy cracks me up!!!

Such a pretty girl!
Ady and Jaylynne!
Saturday was a busy but a great day! I love days like that!!!

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