Thursday, October 21, 2010

Football, Pumpkins, and Chalk!

Sunday we got up for Sunday School and church. We had a cookout planned for the Dallas game. We watched football all day! It was great! We had lunch ready just before the Dallas game started. The guys grilled out burgers, hotdogs, and Brats. I wanted to get a picture of everybody that had on their Dallas gear. Most everybody here! But it wouldn't have been a very happy looking picture! Our Cowboys are not playing too well, but we are hanging in there! Ady and Reese wanted to go outside and play (I think it may have been WAY to loud inside for them!) so Nana and Jessi went outside with them. Ady wanted to get the chalk out. Aunt Jessi traced Ady and then Ady tried to trace Jessi. Cody came outside and seen what was going on so he decided he needed to be traced!
Here's Cody getting traced!

Then Ryan came out and wanted to get in on all the action!

They had to color it all in!

And here is what Reese was doing while everyone else was coloring with chalk! I'm telling you this boy cracks me up!

Then it was time to carve pumpkins after our Cowboys suffered yet another loss. I think this was just what everyone needed to get out some frustration! Especially Cody!
Ady coloring her pumpkin

Let the carving begin!

This is a tradition that we have done since we were little little. I love that we are now doing it with our kids. You can never be to old to carve a pumpkin and you are creating great memories!

Here's the finished product

Ryan's, Mike's, Nessa's, and Jessi's!
Different angle. You can see Nessa's better here. 3rd one from left! I think they all turned out really good!

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  1. I love it! The neighbors might think a mass murder took place though!!