Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday afternoon at the park!

Sunday both kids weren't feeling so great so we let them sleep in. We let them play around until nap time. It was needed! After nap time we headed for the park. The weather was perfect outside! I love days where we can spend most of it outside! Ady and Reese both loved going down the slides and swinging. Vanessa and Jax walked up and joined us then Bubba came and played. Nana met us up there. Mike was golfing in the 2nd round of his golf tournament but met us up there after he was finished.
Ryan helping Reese and Ady get to the slide. Wee! Here comes Ady!
They had a blast! Reese would not put the football down for the longest time!!
Ady just a swinging! I hope you can read her shirt it says Lean & Mean just like Grandpa. The bulldog has on dogtags that say USMC. Grandpa George got Ady this shirt. She loves it. The next time we see him I'll get a pic of her with him while she's wearing it!

Reese with his football!

Playing in the sand

Sliding together! I love this pic!

Nana and Jax!

Ryan helping them go down the slide together.
Reese Joe

Ryan and Cody had to get in on all the fun!

Jessi and Reese!

Nana helping Reese

The last time we went to the park she did not like this slide. This time it was all she liked!!

Having fun!
Love this girl!

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