Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun with the Huskey's!

We had a GREAT weekend! Well Ady and I did!! Friday we got up and got around and ready to head to Glenpool to spend some time with the Huskey's, you can find them here. It had been a while since Heather and I had spent some time together longer than an hour! And we really wanted to get the girls together. I was so excited to get to go hang out with the girls! We had some fun things planned! When we got there we headed to the aquarium. I've never been and have been wanting to go. I knew Adylyn would love it because she gets to look at animals! She loved it! Well except for the turtles! This girl has a phobia of turtles!! I don't know why or what has happened but she gets really scared and nervous around them. It's funny but I'd really like to know what makes her not like them! After the aquarium we headed back to Heather and Justin's and picked Justin up for dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse! I have been craving it for a while and who doesn't love there rolls! After dinner we headed back to Heather and Justin's and let the girls play! Heather and I got some catching up done too!

Saturday we had a big day planned. We were heading to the Tulsa zoo! We got up and got ready and headed to McDonald's for breakfast. It was a beautiful morning to be at the zoo! The weather was perfect! All Ady could talk about was seeing the monkeys and the giraffe's! Thank goodness they had both! The animals were all out and enjoying the weather as well. The girls seemed to have a great time! Ady loves animals so the zoo is always a win/win situation! I think this pregnant Momma walked to much because I was hurting in places I didn't know could hurt! But it was worth it!

Adylyn Jane and Hadlea Easton ready to hit the zoo!
I think Ady is telling her she doesn't need her binky (she's gonna be a great big sister) LOL!

She's telling us this bear looks like Max!
Taking a break for pics!

I love this picture!!

This may have been the picture right before the disaster! I'm sure Heather will write about it!
Riding the carousel! She picked the giraffe!
Having fun with Little Miss!

Petting a goat! She was cracking up because the goat has a major underbite and she thought he was smiling and showing his teeth!

Seeing her beloved giraffe! This is as close as we got to it. It never moved from that fence.

Checking out the Zebras.
She was cracking us up! She was saying " Come one Zebra, come here. Jump over those rocks"!!
Watching the elephants.

It got kinda hot around 1 or 2 though! We left the zoo and Heather took me to Merritt's Bakery! Oh My Goodness!! All I can say is it's a good thing there isn't one of those closer to Medford! That is definitely my weakness! Their sugar cookies were amazing, there cupcakes we so moist, and there doughnuts were yummy! Ady got the M&M cookie and she loved it as well! Yes we got all that in one trip! After Merritt's we headed back to the house. Justin and Heather were going to go to the Tulsa game so Ady and I decided to head on home and spend some time with Dad and Max! We got home in time to see some of the OU game and eat dinner. Adylyn was so wound up when we got home (it couldn't have been all the sugar)! She talked non-stop to Mike about her weekend!

Sunday we got up to get ready for church and I was not feeling so well. I was really nauseated and even spent some time in the bathroom. So we decided to stay home from church. It was a lazy day of football and naps! Our Cowboys won!!!! YAY!!!!! We went to Nana's in the evening and had some lasagna. Nana's lasagna is sooo good! Today I am getting caught up on a little homework and enjoying the beautiful weather with our windows open and A/C off!! Yay for Fall weather!

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  1. Thanks so much for coming! We definitely needed this weekend to catch up! It has been too long! I know the girls will be the best of friends and so thankful Hadlea will have a playmate at Grammie and Grampies. Thanks for your awesome friendship! I cannot wait for your next trip over! (hopefully it will be minus a face plant in a wagon and more of Ady's hilarious talk!) Come anytime...Love you!