Monday, September 20, 2010

Our weekend...

Thursday Ady and I got to go to Enid and hang out with Brinley B for the day. We were SOO excited to go and spend the day with her. Ady just loves her to pieces and she is at the really fun stage! We had a really good time and already miss her tons!

Doesn't she just have the cutest smile!
Adylyn and Miss B! Adylyn loves to help take care of her. She loves to get on the floor and talk to her and play with her toys. I hope they grow up to be best friends!

Friday I did a little bit of homework and did some housework. Being on my feet for any periods of time really hurts my lower back and butt. I feel pain that I didn't feel when I was pregnant with Ady. This baby is definitely lower and is pushing on different things. So it took me pretty much all day to dust, clean my countertops and pick everything up. We went to Nana's after she got home from work because she was watching Jax. We went over and played for a little bit. We were going to go to the football game but Ady and I have both been fighting either allergies or a cold since Sunday. I couldn't breathe very well out of my nose and just didn't feel like sitting out there and blowing our noses the whole time! Heather and Hadlea were in town so we went over and saw them for a little bit after the football game.

Saturday Mike headed to the farm to mow pasture for Grandpa George. So now we are all suffering from these horrible allergies! Ady and I walked to Nana's and played some more with Jax. Ady took a nap and after her nap Nana took her to the farm to see the cows! Ady and I pretty much played around and watched football all day. Great day for me! Saturday evening I decided to try and finish some housework. I got the floors vacuumed, swept, and mopped. Which is ALOT for me to do in one evening!

Sunday we got up for Sunday school and church. It was Cowboy Sunday! We had doughnuts before Sunday school and then a potluck after church! We all wore our Cowboy boots! Ryan, Jessi, and Reese came to church and hung out afterwards and watched football.

Today, I'm doing a little bit of homework before I have a test this evening. Ady is still really congested and her eyes are turning pink so she's got an appt for the morning to see a dr. Hopefully they can get her something to help her feel better. Her poor nose is getting sore from blowing it so much!

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