Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Lights!

September 2nd (Yes, I'm behind!) was Medford's opening game for the 2011 football season. I was pretty excited. Football is a HUGE deal here. We may not be the best anymore but we still stand behind our team 100%. I love driving downtown and seeing those red and white flags flying on all the lamp posts. If you ever needed to see school spirit you could catch a pretty good idea just by driving through our town! How many towns have their mascot on their water tower! And everything is red and white! This is my absolute favorite time of the year and makes me miss high school! I miss being on the field with the boys and honk lines with the girls! I am beyond grateful that now my kids get to experience their Friday nights under the lights!

We sat with Christy and her adorable kids! Christy has Cash,2, and him and Ady are love birds I'm pretty sure! They are best friends and always have a blast together! Cash has a cousin, Tanner, on the team. Ady thinks HIGHLY of Tanner and was so excited to see him play football!

Cash had his Cardinal helmet on for the game!

This was our view for the night! LOVE IT! ok. I just realized it looks like the Cardinals head fell off! Not sure where his real head is!! Ha

Good Luck Cards!

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  1. Adorable kiddos!

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