Thursday, March 10, 2011

Picture post

I've had the pictures uploaded to this post for about a week now but haven't had a chance to come back and finish! I have a feeling keeping up with my blog is going to be difficult for a little while. I'm gonna try and do at least one post a week. Mainly for our benefit to have everything documented.

Logan is doing great! We went for his 2 week check-up on Friday the 11th and he weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces! He was 8 pounds when he was born and was 7 pounds 4 ounces when we discharged. He was 20.6 inches long. He's growing!! He still so little but soo much bigger than A was! He wakes up every 2 hours at night to eat. Occasionally he'll have a 3 or 4 hour stretch but mostly it's every 2 hours. He is still sleeping most of his days. But his alert periods are getting more and more. And he's so alert and awake when he is.

So Momma is tired! I get up with him during the week. Mike has to get up so early and drive so far he needs his rest and I don't want him driving and being more tired than he already is. But on the days Daddy doesn't have to go to work you bet he's getting up with him! I still have to get up every few hours to pump so it's not like I get a complete break.

Big Sister Adylyn Jane is doing great too! Her allergies are kicking her tail right now but I think that's something we battle constantly. She's such a great help! She loves to hold his bottle with me and help change him. She's already 'showing' him how to do things! She had to show him the other day how to get dressed by yourself!

I've got TONS of laundry to do so that's where I'm headed!

So here's some pics and I'm gonna try to do better at taking more and posting them!

Sweet big sis playing in Logan's room while I change him.

In his I 'heart' Grandma sleeper. If I remember correctly he didn't last long in this before he pooed on it. We are now out of newborn diapers. At 2 weeks we switched to 1's. I can not believe that. Newborn sleepers aren't going to last much longer either. They are getting too short.
He hears Ady and is trying to find her!
All ready for bed! Sweet babies! Bedtime is my favorite time of the day! Ady goes and picks out a few books (one always Pokey Little Puppy!!) and we read and rock for a little bit. It's so peaceful and calm. I love to rock them snuggle. Yes, Ady is 3 and I still rock her but I love it and wouldn't change it for anything. It's OUR time together!
Logan's first time in his bathtub in our bathtub. Ady wants to get in there too so she can help wash him. That's what she is doing in the pic! He hated it when we just had to sponge bathe him. He would scream the whole entire time. He is very content in his bathtub if he's in the water. But when you pick him up to wash his back he's had it! He hates to be messed with! If he's content and you bother him he lets you know! Bath time is Mike's time with the kids. Since he's gone all day that's his time to spend with them. He has always jumped to it and I've never argued!

Logan's first Sunday at church! This outfit is a newborn and won't be able to wear it again. It's too short :(
Love these 2!

Nana, Logan, and my Gma Mary. My mom's mom and Logan's great grandma. These 2 women mean the world to me and I have learned so much from them. I am the way I am because of them. I spent alot of time with my grandma when I was a baby and a little girl. Grandma always kept us busy! Whether it was sewing, gardening, mowing, or cooking with her, we were always doing something. We loved to go stay with her! My mom is my best friend and we are so blessed that our kids have such a great Nana! Ady loves time with her Nana!

Nana and Logan. This is the first picture I got of her with him because in the hospital she was helping with Ady.

My cousin Taylor and Logan. Her first time to meet him. These pics were taken at Reese's birthday party. Hopefully I can get some of those posted too!

Hanging out in bed!

Giving brother kisses!

She was shushing us!

Now she's shushing him!

I would say this is the definition of LOVE!

Having some tummy time. He's not so much of a fan. Usually only lasts a few minutes.

My 3 loves!

Daddy and his babies!

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