Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Camping Trip!

Last weekend we ventured out for our annual camping trip at Kaw Lake. I absolutely LOVE to camp and couldn't wait to get out there. To start the day off we met Grandma Sheri and Pa in El Reno so Ady and Logan could spend the weekend with them. Last year it was too hot and I wasn't about to take an infant out there. Mike and I were the first ones to arrive Friday afternoon. We got our tent set up and everything unloaded. Shortly Dad and Kim showed up then Jessi and Ryan were not far behind them. We all got our tents up and Cody and Nessa arrived a little bit later. It wasn't long and we were already on the water! Mike, Dad, and Cody all had jugs so we got them set out. See, we only bring food for one night to eat for dinner. We plan to catch or dinner for Saturday night. Well, Friday evening when the guys went back out and checked jugs we already had 6 decent sized blue cats! That is already better than last year! Last year we had just enough for us to eat! This year we caught enough to feed 11 people Saturday night and also had enough to take home for another fish fry! I don't think there is anything better than having a fish fry with fish you just brought in within hours! It was so good! Friday night we cruised the lake a little but then came back and had brats and hot dogs over the fire! YUMMY! We had 4 boats this ear. Cody's little fishing boat, his ski boat, Dad's bass boat, and Cody Pratt's bass boat. It was perfect to have those!
Mom had this cookie cake made for us to take. It was great!

Of course we were up late Friday chatting over the campfire and making smores! When we woke up Saturday morning there was a strong north wind. It's was a bit chilly! But as soon as the sun came up it changed to the south and started to warm up. Jessi, Kim, and I started breakfast while the guys went out and checked out jugs. Everytime we checked the jugs we never had less than 5 that were brought back in the clean! We even caught a gar! I got a picture of it but it's on my other camera and forgot about it til now! I'll get that up here soon! Those are creepy animals! Back to breakfast!! We had bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, and toast. If you have never had breakfast cooked on cast iron skillets over a campfire you are seriously missing out. It is one of my favorite things EVER! After breakfast we headed out in the boats. I could spend my whole entire life on the water! I love it! We spent our time checking jugs, skiiing, knee boarding, fishing, checking jugs, and beaching the boats and hanging out! It was a perfect day.
Jessi checking on the sausage

This was our 'Tent City'!!!

The guys coming in from checking jugs! This is Dad and Mike in Dad's boat.
My lovely husband kissing a fish!
Cody P, CJ, and Ryan in CP's boat!

Oh Cody Pratt!
Dad and Mike filleting up some catfish!
Jessi is getting some lessons!

My the end of the weekend these boys were tired of filleting!

Cody and Ryan putting longer line on some jugs
Bubba working on his jugs
Cody this is why we love you so much!

Cody and Nessa

Getting more jugs ready!

Saturday evening a storm rolled in and boats hauled tail into camp! We started on our fish fry! The storm back builded to exactly right over our heads. You could look up and on the north side it was lightning and cloudy and on the south side there were stars. It was the craziest thing! I am so grateful that is missed us because it had half dollar size hail, high winds, and heavy rainfall. We didn't get a drop though! It may have been 11pm by the time we ate but man was it ever worth it! Thanks Dad!
Sunday morning we woke up to this!!
Sunday morning we were up around 6ish and got our camp site packed up. Our jugs were still out so we all went out and did some fishing and checked the jugs.

Jessi woke up to us all singing 'Happy Birthday' to her! I couldn't ask for a better sister and best friend! I'm not sure Ryan was so thrilled about sharing his one day with Jessi! It only happens every 5 years (I think)! I'm pretty sure Dad had a great Father's Day! Fishing with his kiddos!

We wanted to leave around noon so we still had 5 good hours of some play time! The storm that rolled in Saturday night did a number on the fish because they were not biting at all Sunday morning! We ended up with a total of 30 fish! I'd call it a fun and successful weekend! It was a blast! Ady and Reese really want to go camping so we promised them we would go again when it's not so hot during the day. My mom and Dad may have had 2 girls but by no means are we girly! Jessi and I were ones the pulled the jugs, baited them back up (with fresh cut shad), and took the fish off the hook! It's a gross job but if we wanted to eat someone had to do it!!! I'm so glad that Ady loves to be outdoors just like we do! I can't wait until our next camping trip! It's my oasis! Yes, I'm a simple country girl!!

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